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Phone Bill time...
Phone bill came today. Eek! Thankfully, it's significantly less than last time, and much of it is calls from the end of last term, calls from the new year celebrations, and mobile calls this term (all of which can be cut down on easily). So I'm happy. The reason it's less is, I think, because I'm going online more during the day. This is good for three reasons:

Firstly, I stay on for less time. I stay on for less time in a ratio far better than the ratio between costs in the evening and costs during the day. It's something like 3p/min evening and 4p/min during the day, but I stay online for about a quarter of the time. This means I spend far less in the long run.

Secondly, fewer people are online. I go on, check my journal's friends view, check the 5 or 6 other journals I watch (which aren't on my friends list), check PA, download news and mail, and then go offline. As opposed to, in the evening, going on and talking to people for ages. This also reduces my time online.

And finally, a bit of psychology. In theory, my phone bill is approximately four times as much as Turnpike tells me it will be. This is due in part to the difference in price between BT calls and CampusLink calls, but also due to the inclusion of calls to mobiles and my home. However, this is only a general trend. Over any specific call to the 'net, the multiplication factor is different. If I'm online during the day, the multiplication factor is about 1.3, plus other calls. At night, it's about 3, plus other calls. So, if I go on during the day, what I'm spending is closer to what I think I'm spending. Therefore, for the past few weeks, if I spent £2 online during the day, I think it's costing me about £8, rather than the £3 it's actually costing me. This all helps to keep me on for a bare minimum of time, and means I'm nicely surprised when the bill comes and it isn't £150.... :o)

In other news, I slept too much last night, and I'm still tired. Over 13 hours - that can't be good. I go a couple of days without eating properly, and suddenly I lack the energy to even wake up. I went to the shop and bought much food - it kinda bothers me that I'd sleep for so long. If it was willingness to get up that was the problem, I'd be fine, but as it is, it's that I'm just not waking up. What if I go to sleep and never wake up, eh? That'd not be good - my room would start to smell.... Anyhow, tomorrow is a 9:15 start with an AI lecture, then maths immediately after, than an hour gap, then a computing workshop. I aim to get to all of those. Then it's that day over - woohoo.... Ho hum...

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Lack of food = lack of energy

"I go a couple of days without eating properly, and suddenly I lack the energy to even wake up."

Hmmmm...... no I won't say it. At least not yet

Re: Lack of food = lack of energy

What, that I always lack the energy to get up? Or, as the subject says, I can fix that by eating properly? Because I am trying, you know...

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