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What is the brain? If you don't know that, you've forgotten how to think
Preoccupation isn't living, just let it all be. Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up. Dramatize and move along...

Three hundred and ten ways to spend all your birthday money:
£20 on AK t-shirts
£10 on train home from gig
£30 on Rimini deposit
£100 on Rimini flights
£20 on paintballing
£30 on night out with flatmates
£10 on night out with extreme sports
£30 on pizza
£20 on food shopping
£5 on trains to and from Uni
£15 on mohawks t-shirts
£20 on my desk ready for spending

No wonder I'm poor, it's taken me less than a week to get through that...

It's scary when you can feel yourself getting old. I'm a twenty-something now, and very conscious of all the ways in which I'm very much not a teenager. There's an entire mentality that no longer appeals, and it's a matter of building something to replace it...

"If I hit 45 and still haven't dropped a sprog, will you father one for me?"

I got a mini scalextric from my flatmates for my birthday, you know. It rocks. The blue car is best :o)

Sometime soon I'm going to write something heartfelt and honest here, and people are going to remember who I really am, rather than the hollow shell that I stick up here in the absence of substance. Maybe I got lazy, or maybe my energies just got redirected into making me "me" somewhere else. The cost of being me in real life might be a shortage of it for my journal...

Badger facts.. ha.... I'd be out tonight, but I don't feel like it. Not felt in the mood for partying lately, not with Cat, not with anybody. Indie night at the Hot House, which was good two weeks ago... But I lose interest easily these days, and I don't fancy chasing something when I've got perfection already. Or words to that effect.

Bring on the pretention.

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Badger Fact: Badgers are largely nocturnal, though they are occasionally active during the day in isolated areas.

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