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After an e-mail conversation with Brad, he's made my journal style public. See details here:

Brad's Journal Entry
Changelog Entry
Changelog Entry

I feel well happy... Beat that, Mr Whitney ;o) However, he's fixed a few things with the journal which were stopping it from working nicely with Netscape - I have to do that before I start reading my journal from the Uni computers, since that's what they use... Eeek :o)

Anyhow, let's see, what to do today... Aside from lectures, that is... Well, Adjectivizing alt.startrek.vs.starwars. I told them that we weren't going to do it, but then some people started, so I've posted the FAQ to them and basically told everybody that we're going there. We have the one-man Adverb Army with us, along with the Pronoun Army, and assorted others. Looks like being fun. Every single post I make has my signature attached to it, which should get a few hits for LJ:

The Unknown James - Reach out and touch somebody legally for once:

Anyhow, aside from this, not much going on.... Working on my LJ friends view - needs a lot of work doing on it, but it's slowly coming together. I may well start again from scratch (I seem to always do that), and have another shot at it. Can't hurt :o)

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BAH! I have made four styles for LJ public use, and it took a few months to get "Tabular Indent" out there. Did you offer sexual favours?

Not to my recollection :o)

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