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Not.. dead.. yet.
That's right, I still walk among you, though I don't feel entirely top notch. Still, there hasn't been a repeat of the blood-vomit incident, so I think I'm probably okay.

Not going to practice later, or the pub crawl, for rather bloody obvious reasons. I think I'm going to stay in until the weekend when David and Liam descend upon my house anyway, it's easier that way...

Need to go shopping later, but downstairs is such a fucking tip that I don't know if I can be bothered to make food, and I really don't feel like eating at all now :o(

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I'm no medical expert, but I'd say that vomiting blood is one of those 'go and see a Doctor' type scenarios.

Indeed, and if it happens again, I'll be sure to do just that...

... don't wait. Make an appointment. Now! You naught boy.

i second this. GO. silliness...
i mean, dude, you at least get to scope people out in the waiting room and make all the ones with STI's nervous. :P

Vomiting blood isn't nice. As long as it didn't come up from the lungs it should be okay though.

I love the way it's taken as granted that I'm driving *all the way* down to see you on Saturday, despite me having yet to confirm and my parents closing in...

Even Marna says you are:

Jamie - Dying from Excess says:
But only a couple more days, then David and Liam are coming down to entertain me
hold me says:
Jamie - Dying from Excess says:
I hope, anyway
hold me says:
they will,

Though I still remain sceptic..

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