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I'm off to Rimini...
Outbound Details:
Gatwick (London) to Bologna
Flight: BA2564
Cabin: Traveller
Departure: 16APR 2003 19:10
Arrival: 16APR 2003 22:20

Inbound Details:
Bologna to Gatwick (London)
Flight: BA2563
Cabin: Traveller
Departure: 22APR 2003 17:45
Arrival: 22APR 2003 19:00
Thus far, Maggie, Waggle and Felix are all on the same flight... And Jimbo will probably book the same... I'm off onto campus soon to give Maggie my deposit for the tournament fees, which should mean I can play on the actual team, rather than just mucking around the whole time :o)

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when seeing your userpic

becky said "wow". three times.

Re: when seeing your userpic

That one?

Re: when seeing your userpic


Hopefully that won't clash with AK touring...

which means you wont be in the UK for my birthday... ::watches plans fail::

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