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Oh, God freaking damnit

You know when you have a dream in which you get to do everything you ever wanted, and then you realise it was just a dream?

Like, the one thing you wish for, and it happens, and then you realise that none of it is real...

So cruel :o\

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Im sorry, that sucks. I hate when that happens.

You're sorry? So, what, you're the one going around giving everyone these dreams that totally piss them off when they wake up? That's really mean, you know...

huh? wow i am so confused. what did i do...and whoare you?

You sound like the sort of person who would be confused by the concept of biscuits...

thankyou, im glad that you have so much faith in me. i feel loved.


Don't mention it.

haha. so where are you from?>

what? im just trying to make conversation

And I'm just trying to tell you you're stupid.

Im not stupid. I may not be as old as you but trust me I am not stupid

i was so so so close to posting 'dream of cat did you? DID YOU?!'

but look! i didn't. :P

don't you admire my restraint?

I do. Thjough I bet you're stkll wondering

its good though, when u have scary-ass dreams which u think are real and then wake up and realize that they're not.

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