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My liver hurts... I've only done about 50 units of alcohol in the last week, and okay, so 20 is the most you're meant to have, but still...

In brief, tonight rocked. Penny made me a birthday cake, which was so sweet... And she got me presents, wrapped in balloons which I had to pop to get at them. It rocked, she got me the bestest stuff (mini bottles of various spirits, and chocolate). It was great.

Then we went bowling, and I sucked a lot... I found my form about halfway through, but then drank some more, which meant that I lost it again... Oh well, it was still great fun... Bowled on a lane with Waggle, SFJ, Giles, Julien and Rob... It should be reiterated that Waggle truly is the man... A cool evening.

At Frisbee earlier the guy came to take the photos for the prospectus. Since I was pretty much running the practice session, I had him take some photos of us just playing a quick game of Hot Box, and then he took a couple of set-up pictures of Vicky on the disc with me forcing her, with a few others in the background. It'll be interesting to see if they come out, and actually go into the thing - that'd be cool, my own little part in the Sussex Uni history type thing, or something...

Confirmed that I'm going to Italy at Easter, woo... It'll cost a bit, but it's worth it for the holiday/party...

Feel a little unwell. Bedtime....

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wait i am so confused. im sorry i always comment and you dont knwo me but you seem rea;lly cool. so about the confused part....its still wed the 27 how can u write on thursday the 28???

If you're in the U.S. and he's in the U.K., it's already Thursday there. Different time zones will do that.

oh shit. thankyou...i forgot about that

No problem! =0) glad to help.

Because it was Thursday the 28th - it was 12:30am on Thursday. See?

::dons mother role::

Your poor liver, maybe give it a break sometime soon

::stop being mum::

But yay go Jamie! You seem to be having a good time so yay for you :D You only live once so yes keep up the funage! hehe!

< i'm bored yes. i know. want a fizzy jerk sweetie made ny mister wonka? >


"worth it for the holiday/party..."

And the ultimate, you fool! Don't forget the ultimate!


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