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Man, what an excellent night. Excuse any spelling mistakes, I'm fairly drunk. Last time I checked, the count was thus:

5 Vodkas
2 Aftershocks
2 Tequilas
2 JD's
1 Reef
Some beer
2 Tuacas
A Cement Mixer

That's a pretty epic amount of alcohol for me... The Cement Mixer, by the way, is Bailey's and Lime Cordial. What you do is put the Baileys in your mouth, and then put the lime cordial in with it and swill it around. It curdles instantly, and expands to form a ready-brek style consistency. You then have to swallow it, which is really hard because your gag reflex is trying to make you throw up. It's the sort of drink you try once, and then introduce to all your friends for sport. I got Cat and Lewis to try them, and neither of them liked it in the slightest. Rock :o)

So yeah, great night. More to follow later....

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I don't think I have drunk that amount all term....

what was that, little liver? ohh no, don't you cwy! nooooo! i'm sure jamie loves you really!

well, he loves me anyway. :P

Cement Mixers rock, so do devils assholes, if you go somewhere see if they make them, can't remember the "ingredients" you need, but it only takes one to get you trashed.

This is exactly why I'm straight edge.

I thought it was more to do with the fact that nobody would serve you....

Being 18 and having ID I'd hardly see that as a problem.

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