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Newsround is so funny...

"Don't EVER meet an Internet mate in real life"

If I paid attention to what they tell me, I'd never get laid.... ;o)

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TBH I was a little purturbed about meeting Chas... especially as I was but a supple 17-year-old at the time.

Likewise, but he was but an elderly man, so it was fairly safe... :o)

well i've broken that one many a time.

Slept with people off the Internet..? ;o)

Shocking! Shouldn't be allowed.... ;o)

Me Alice and Andy sat in the living room and watched that. How we laughed :o)

That whole segment about cyber bullying was hilarious. Especially how they blanked out the face of that girl who was called Cynthia despite the fact that with a name like that people who know her are gonna easily click on.

Still, Leezo's the man. If only for the name. And that woman presenter is hot. Maybe journalism isn't all bad..

Meeting people online can't be THAT bad right? I mean i havent, but my best friend met someone in person that she met online and dated him. and hey he was really hot.

becky wants me to give you her (naked) as your birthday present. i'm thinking not.
and nikki thinks you're cute.

I'll be home on Friday, you know - invite them over ;o)

don't tempt me... you will regret it...

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