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Next few days.. Busy...

Today is my day off. My day to recover from the alcoholism and exertion of the weekend... Lots of drinking on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (plus the beer and vodka yesterday too). I may have been drinking last Wednesday, but to be perfectly honest, right now I have no idea what I did on Wednesday.. Oh, and I'm tidying up downstairs today, once I'm actually up, as a certain anthropomorphic personification of Irritation has gone to great lengths to constantly remind me.

Tomorrow is a busy day - I have my project meeting for my dissertation - I only have a couple more weeks, then I have to produce my interim report. After that, there's a practice session at 3pm, which I'll hopefully make it to. My right knee is burned to hell right now from sliding across the floor indoors... And in the evening, it's the Extreme Sports social, with Vicky, Penny, Mikey, Adele, Cat, Jacqueline, etc. Cheese music, yay :o)

On Wednesday, after practice and the pub, the Frisbee team is going bowling for my birthday. Hooray for Penny organising that for me. Hopefully a lot of people will turn up, which will be great. We'll go down to the marina, get drunk, and throw balls around until we all prove that we suck. Hooray :o)

Thursday will be Indie night at the Hot House again, if Cat is up for it. If not, then I'll stay in and sleep or something...

Friday I'm going home, so I'm having my birthday meal on Friday night with my family.

Saturday I'm going to the Vandals / AK / TB gig, which should be wicked. I may or may not be on the guest list for it, I dunno yet. AK live are going to rock :o) Then that night, I come back down to Brighton, and Rachel will stay with me (yay!)

Sunday I'm spending with Rachel. More great milkshakes, and cuddles by the sea, and stuff...

And that's another week sorted....

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i kno the getting over the weekend feeling, only live once, but damn im dead, to think ill start all over again on friday :)

what time you coming up to Oxford then?

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