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Pictures, why not...
I don't like how my black eye shows up still, even though it's almost a week.. :o\

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How'd you get the shiner?

Re: I like the hair

Got accidentally punched in the face...

Re: I like the hair

Heh, at least that's what they *said* after they punched you...

Re: I like the hair

Trust me, if they'd wanted to do it deliberately, they could've done it much harder. Well, a bit harder. It was quite hard.....

Re: I like the hair

feel better


Well, I just wanted to say, nice eye! It must've really hurt with that piercing, eh? I'm also from the U.S. and I really don't understand anything either. Frisbee is also cool man. So just wanted to let you know you're cool, and your life seems like a soap opera sometimes! It's all good though...keep up the good work!

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