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I'm caked in mud.. Mud on my face, all over my top, my trousers, my shoes... Only seven people turned up to practice today. At one point, it was me, Jimbo, Shed, Pigeon and Felix. So that's Felix, plus four James's. Weird :o)

Feel knackered....

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what sport do you play??



uh thanx. im kinda confused by thanks. whats up?

well, see, if jamie can go ten minutes, let alone one lj post without mentioning the word 'frisbee' my ass is yellow and you can call me marge.

hey :)

hi - saw a post you made on an LJ community, liked your icon, came for a snoop around! What can I say?? Too much time on my hands! Must get out more lol.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi!


we have the same
i am in the U.S. so can you try to explain what some of the stuff that you write means i am totally clueless o some of this stuff. also can you give a brief description of what this frisbee thing is .

Mud is good for your complexion! Also good for your clothes complexion. It's sort of complex to explain though, but still, I bet your complexion is radiant after a nice mud bath!

Oh, I'm Echo Bunny :D

::hops away::

I play football for my school (our coach is french, so instead of saying soccer we say football even though we're in the states) and I get caked in mud every day I'm there. It's the best feeling in the world... Woo-hoo for getting dirty...
- Blue

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