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I'm all wet... That's what you get for playing two hours of frisbee wearing two t-shirts. I'm so stupid...

In random news, Waggle kept calling Ben "Geek Boy", and I kept thinking he was talking to me. It seems so odd for somebody else to be geek boy. Oh well, that's how it is, I guess (says the guy writing in his Internet journal). Practice was good, I caught a really tricky throw which I felt well happy about... Not all that many people there at the start, but it got better halfway through. Ho hum....

I'd keep writing, but instead I'm just going to go buy food... Cheap food....

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Was that the ping down the sideline? It sure was a nice grab.

Yeah... I was really happy with it - my cut towards the corner was slower than I would usually run because I didn't think the sideline was open, so it was more of a fake... When the disc got thrown, I suddenly had to accelerate and catch a fast low disc in one hand while specifically not hitting a wall, while accelerating.

The grab was nice, the fact that I didn't injure myself doing it was even nicer :o)

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