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Had to happen...
Thankfully in a friends-only post - that coulda been bad.... I've just realised what utter annoying mingers Alex and Harry actually are. Do you ever get that? (I'm addressing the audience of my journal, such that it is, here...) I mean really, it's like once I was actually attracted to them, and now the veil has been lifted that was previously obstructing my view, and they are such dogs. It's almost like I only just took off my beer goggles... Eww... I need a shower.

Bitch at Alex
Stupid cow who thinks herself such a catch, when to be honest she's nothing of the sort. Fancies both me and James, yet frankly stands more chance of winning the lottery than getting either of us. Openly tries to make me jealous, make me angry, and make me like her in odd patterns that I don't get, and frankly don't care about. I'm not going to get jealous, because I don't give a shit. I'm not going to get angry, because she is insignificant. And I'm not going to like her, because she's such a fucked up moronic bitch. No offence.

Bitch at Harry
Oh, now here's one. Hypocrite of the century or what.... Got mad at Alex for "breaking us up", when we were never together, and then goes off and stabs her in the back by going for it with me, when my only intention was to get shot of her. Whiny, miserable cow, who got mad when she thought I'd told Vicky something, found out I hadn't, and then told her herself. Will shortly find out that James told everybody what we got up to, and frankly I have no desire to calm the situation any more. Will most likely result with me yelling at her, and flaming her as only a member of the Adjective Army really knows how... No offence, like...

OK, sorry you had to read those, but if I don't say them somewhere, they come out of my mouth. Never good.

In other news, well, I've nothing much else to say. For the first time in months, I was asked to turn my music down - it was midnight, and Vicky had (surprisingly) gone to bed. I didn't realise this, so I didn't change my volume from Normal to Night-Time. Quickly sorted that one though, after a brief visit from a nightie-clad Vicky :o)

Wrote my brother a huge first HTML primer thing. He knows how to do bold, italics, make an HTML page, put in links and headings, and that's enough for now. Next I'll introduce him to hex code colors, font tags, and images.

Well anyway, tomorrow Ben Olding will get back to his office type thing and fix the ThameOnline site, such as he can, after we bombarded it with messages, abuse, and port probing (and that's only in preparation for the big one). But, if anybody asks, it wasn't us, and certainly wasn't Daniel Cross, who has since deleted all comments regarding it out of my journal just in case :o)

Anyhow, feeling in a generous mood, I just bought David a paid account on LiveJournal for the next 12 months. Hopefully he'll use it well, and such. Additionally, I phoned Scott, and got made the new AGGTA Chairman - pretty snazzy, really. Wonder if they'll think so... Aside from that, the evening and wee hours have been fairly insignificant in terms of doing stuff... Perhaps I'll do more graphics stuff - while I do love my journal, I think I can improve on it. Minimalistic design, certainly, but make a layout which can also be transferred onto my friends page. I'll have a little box type thing somewhere on the outline for userpics, which will be nice.

On the subject of my journal, I'd just like to repeat how much I love it. Half the reason for getting David his paid account was for David, but half of it was just an excuse to pay Brad money. Perhaps I'll get him something on his wish list too. My journal allows me to express myself completely - to stop giving a shit about what things look like, and to just talk. In real life I'm quite a quiet person (well, lately anyway), and this gives me somewhere to vent everything I don't want to be saying in real life. I seem to have made a transition in the flat between friends groups - no longer wishing to spend any more time with Mice, Alex or Harry than I absolutely have to, I'm hanging out with Lulu (in Swedish, spelled Lollo - I have her on my ICQ list now), Vicky and James. Which is odd, since no two of that lot are getting on well with each other just lately (for reasons other than my inclusion in their group).... Regardless, I like them as friends more than I liked the others - these are people I genuinely feel companionship towards.... I'm happy :o)

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Do you ever get that?

YES. Repulsive, isn't it? *sigh*

I half feel guilty for thinking it of them, and half feel stupid for ever having gotten involved with such horrible people. Ho hum :o)

The best solution is to get roaringly drunk and start fancying someone incredibly inappropriate. 8-)

Does it get more inappropriate than Vicky - the friend of these people, the flatmate of these people, and the girl in the next room to me?

Nah, that still falls into 'appropriate' unless she's a prostitute or something. ;-) You have to tune girls' friends out sometimes ... there frequently isn't any rational reason WHY they're friends with certain people.

She might be ;o)

Nah, she's not. Damn. Oh well, I'm sure in Brighton I can find "inappropriate" easily enough - I'm sure David Lees knows of people... :o)

Careful, dear, or you could end up with Peter Thomas in a dress. 8-) A full-body condom and a functioning chainsaw would definitely be in order.

I'll tell Mr Lees to start warming the baby oil. ;-)

Eww... Now there's a mental image I didn't need at 4am :o)

No, that's a bit too foul even for me. %-)

Bah, it's time for a dip in the tub while the bathroom is free ... I shall be a bit, so may I continue this charming correspondance with you tomorrow (later TODAY, in your case)? :-)

I will do my best, thank you. ;-)

Sleep well, when/if you finally attempt it!

Ooh, and P.S. - congratulations on your new chairmanship! :-) Well-deserved, I think.


It won't last - I was chairman once before during one of Scott's psychotic episodes, but the power corrupted me and I was usurped shortly afterwards :o)

Ah, but you're older and wiser now and ...

...yeah, you're probably doomed, aren't ya? 8-)

What can I say? I'm just too easily corruptible... But I don't see it as a flaw, as such - it can be fun :o)

It's a charming quality, I think. ;-)

That's what I tell myself, certainly :o)

Obviously it's working. 8-)

Looks like it, certainly...

We're running out of ideas for this one, aren't we? 8-)

Just a tad. But the other one looks promising :o)

Forget the David and James show, this looks like the Deb and James show!

Indeed. David doesn't stay up late enough, that's the problem :o)

*laughing aloud* It was, too - that was fun, and good timing because I was feeling a tad depressed, not wanting to go back to work!

one word - K*****n :o)

and thanks for the journal, very nice of you, fools and money eh :o) admittedly nice fools but still :o)

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