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I like being counter-conventional. Perhaps too much sometimes - it's stupid to be turned off by attributes just because they're liked by other people. I preferred it back when I didn't notice either way... Tonight....

I had a cool moment on guitar just now... I was in the middle of recording something, and I was trying to hit the B string on the fifth fret and instead hit the E instead. And it sounded exactly the same (obviously). But it was really good - I knew I'd hit the wrong string, but it took me a few seconds to realise that it was all okay, and that I'd played the same note so the recording was fine (I had carried on and stuff). Neato :o)

S-Xtreme Charity Fundraiser was good... The standing around talking bits, at least. Picking up two people at once to prove I can... Not done that properly since America last summer (I tried with Alex and Harry, but failed). My record is thus far 23 stone, which isn't exactly bad... Ooh, and I only spent a tenner last night, which included the train to uni, all my drinks, entry to the club, and the taxi on the way back.

Doesn't solve my problem though... Need to go to the bank, erm, tomorrow morning. That's the first time I have any free time. Because I have to go to uni now, for my project thing. Fun. Back later, after Frisbee and stuff.....

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Hi. You play guitar? What kind of music?

I bet that you are better than you think you are. :-) Thats really cool that you play.

BAH. You nearly got through the whole post without saying "frisbee", dude.

it's very difficult for jamie, though. you have to think, when you have a frisbee surgically positioned up your ass, you get reminded of it (in a horrifically squishy way) every time you sit down, pass a stool (or other seating furniture), or try to wear trousers.

i feel we should all make more of an effort to recognise this unfortunate condition. starting with YOU liam. *spank*

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