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Just woke up... I guess that makes up for the late night on Saturday....

Now, at some point, I'm meant to be going to uni to help with the Extreme Sports stall, but I'm feeling really tired and stuff, whine, moan, etc. Still, I've got to hand something in for maths - there was a deadline for our course choices on Friday which I forgot about, so I have to do it today. Then I'll go along and help out with the stall, and hopefully perhaps see Cat there, who does indeed rock. And then tonight is the social, which is going to be a Hip Hop Hell, but still...

In surreal news, at least three people from the Frisbee team now know where my journal is... I mean, Jimbo has always known how to get to it (just walk into my room, open a browser, and there it is), so I've always been a bit mindful of what I say, so it's all good. Pretty sure I've not slagged anybody off, anyway ;o)

I need to re-dye my hair before the tournament, because it's starting to fade... And it needs to be very vivid, otherwise you lose the effect... Ho hum... Oh, and I keep having this fear that our Edinburgh Beginners team was actually better than our B team for our tournament... Which is weird...

Anyway, food time, or something....

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you hair is fading already?


my hair has just started to fade.
i last dyed it... the thursday before i came to birmingham
so that would be like... the last thursday in september...

wow. shoddiness

just ignore the roots the size of a small child

You mean it's pink?

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