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Had a good practice today... Moonhawks vs Blowhawks. We kicked their asses :o)

So yeah, the B team versus the C team, and we (B) won quite nicely. I think our team is really going to work well together, we have some good combinations of players. Ben and Julien have a good understanding between them which means that they can pair up really easily to pull things off. And I'm on the same team as Dan, who rocks. He's one of these players who'll just ping the disc really far if he thinks somebody might be able to get onto the end of it. Which suits me, since I'm the somebody who generally tries to get the disc.

Countless times in today's game, somebody threw the disc to Dan, and I just sprinted long, and almost every time, he threw a really good disc right to the end-zone, most of which I caught. We should be able to score a fair few points that way when the tournament comes around, I hope.

Afterwards, it was the pub for a few hours, which is always nice. Although they charged a quid for a pint of coke poured from a plastic 2l bottle. I was, as you might imagine, unimpressed. Saw ExtremeCat there, which was very nice - spoke to her with Adele for a bit. She'll be at the social tomorrow, so we'll be cringing in the corner trying to make the hip-hop go away. Still, it could be worse - it could be drum and bass. Oh, and I might see her tomorrow at some point, since we're both going to help out on the S-Extreme stall in library square, selling raffle tickets and getting people signed up. Yay :o)


My room still smells of Rachel.....

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worrying. sorry. it's behind the ears that always gets me. :P

hmm, you undeleted it now? so what was that all about? :P

We charge two pounds ten for a pint of coke from the pump, i wouldn't be complaining if I were you :>


But dude, that's the only thing Dan ever does! You'll never see him running, let alone sprint a cut... but it's not so noticable indoors I suppose. He has fucking nice disc skills and great hucks, but he's a big lazy bastard when it comes to running, especially outdoors...

Ah, but he doesn't need to cut. The reason being, his marker will often get away from him, so when it turns over, he's free. And I've never seen him let somebody force him away from hucking it, he'll just go for it anyway.

We'll just have to see how well that actually works at the tournament :o)

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