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So, last night....
We had a party in the flat. Woo... Or not. I didn't really spend much time there, on account of the fact that it was hardly going to be the most fun thing in the world, watching people accidentally smashing our bottles of stuff all over our floor which we'd then have to clean up. So I spent most of my time in my room, much of it with James here too, playing Commander Keen and such. But let's go back a step, because I have a feeling I've not started early enough in the day.....

Well, to be honest, I can't remember much. I was asleep for most of it. Myself, Alex, Claire and Annie all went down to East Slope Bar to watch a band play - I have to say they were f'ing good. Well, the support band, anyway. The actual band sucked, but the support band ruled... Made me want to come back and play guitar, so I did. Then later, Marryat told me that some people in his corridor were putting a band together, and that they were looking for guitarists. He said that they weren't too good, many of them had only just started playing, so I'd not have to be Hendrix or anything. I think this is a message from God telling me to play guitar :o)

So anyway, after I left East Slope, James kindly told Alex, Annie and Claire how far (he perceived) Harry and I went. This did not go down all too well with me (briefly), but we had a good talk about it. We're all sorted on it now, so all is well. Played much Commander Keen last night and today - we both love that game, it so rules... Found out where the 7 extra lives are on the first level of Keen 4 - Ed, didn't I tell you that I found 7 lives in the dark? Well they're there. Feeling well proud of that :o)

Spent most of last night talking to Claire, Alex and James. Alex was being something of a hypocrite by (I think) flirting with me, in much the same manner Harry had been. She objected to it one night, and then the next did exactly the same. It ended up with me fighting Alex, and James fighting Claire. And while I'm much stronger than Alex, James isn't really stronger than Claire, who overpowered him, and made him fall over, crushing her foot in the process. She now can't walk, and has to go see the doctor tomorrow, all because I was trying to recover a stolen possession of mine from Alex, Claire was trying to stop me via the method of tickling, and James was trying to stop Claire. Ho hum, 'twas a fun night.

Anyway, today, I've done hardly anything. Grabbed another picture of Vix on my webcam, but I don't like it - doesn't do her justice, so... Have spent much of the day eating, watching X-Files, watching Dragnet, and talking to Scott, Alun et al. Just got off the phone from Scott, checking he's OK and such... He is. Yay :o)

Gotta love Dragnet, though. After all, Dan Akroyd and Tom Hanks together in a film cannot be bad.... Such a damned good film. Special laughs go to the line "He was given 43 consecutive sentences of 99 years, which makes him eligible for parole in 7 years"... Heh, it's so good :o)

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Then learn to TUNE the bloody thing ;-)

Re: Joining a band?

Been there, done that. Mostly :o)

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