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Your fuck stock is ass prone, nutcocker
I'm injured... Let me start from the beginning...

There I was, hanging out with Adele and Jamie, trying to help out with Extreme Sports recruitment, but it was late on a Friday afternoon. Nobody was around. So they gave up, and I decided to go watch Frisbee. But there was only one person on the sidelines, so I decided instead to play a bit.

Bear in mind, I was wearing smart shoes, smart trousers, and a clean t-shirt. Given this, it surprised many of the people present to see me make a diving catch into the wet mud on my first disc. It further surprised them to see me catch my second disc sliding halfway across the pitch on my knees. Nice clothes suitably wrecked, I went back to regular playing...

Anyway, let's skip a load of stuff, where I couldn't run much. At one point, Jimbo put a long disc into the air, which Felix and I both went for. It was hovering, and started to come down, and I kept saying "It's going to come this way, wait, it's not, no, yes it is" etc. But effectively, I was betting on the disc coming down to the left, he was betting on the right. And it made me very proud indeed when the disc came straight down to me, over his head, demonstrating that I managed to read it right. I've always maintained, there's not a disc Jimbo can put into the air that I can't catch.... A year of playing one on one with him has ensured that.

So then a little later, I was making a cut to the back of the end-zone to get a disc and slipped over, just yards from the thing. It would've been the winning point. Oh well.... It had been first to three, and when we got that, we said first to five to be kind to them, so technically we'd already won. Anyhow, then Tim took the disc and threw it. The problem was, I was trying for a point block on him, and he followed through with his arm.


And suddenly I'm holding my face, which is in a LOT of pain... He managed to punch me right in the eye, which includes my piercing. By the time I got to the sideline, the right side of my face was covered in blood. Ed got a picture of it, so I'd like to see how that comes out. But I looked a right state, blood streaming off me. Still, it stopped after a while.

So yeah, my first proper injury. It's good. Sporting injuries are good - they prove I'm actually doing something fun in my life these days. A few years ago, the only injury I could get was RSI off the mouse and keyboard. Now I'm actually getting seven shades of shit beaten out of me playing a sport. Woo :o)

Anyhow, it's a bit tender right now, but it's otherwise fine. Tim was really guilty about it, which made me feel bad for him - it really wasn't his fault at all, it could've happened to anybody, and it was easily just as much my fault as his. Oh well.

All in all, I'm happy :o)

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Have you had it checked out by a doctor? If not, I really think you should, that could lead to a nasty infection otherwise...

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