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Of all the times for my digital camera to run out of battery power..... *sigh*

So anyway, I was walking up the street, surrounded by the usual crowd of misanthropes and deviants (I love Brighton), when I came across a dalek. It was quite casually making its way down the road, looking around and stuff... Its gun was inoperable due to a power failure, so it was quite harmless. I stood around watching the poor helpless green blob in its bonded polycarbide armour rattling around, and then got bored, so I chatted to the guy with the suspicious looking radio-control unit.

So yeah, turns out there's some weird thing in Worthing, a robot type roadshow thingie... Which explains it (except the daleks aren't robots, they're cyborgs, but hey)...

Anyway, that was the highlight of my morning. I also saw Harry Potter, which was quite good, but didn't really match up to the dalek :o)

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do you know that you can but Dalek's? i think theyre about £10,000, but the fact that you can is quite bizarre

good god. it's like, the g33k l33t extreme...

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