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Good God I feel rough...

I won at Twister, so I got two aftershocks. No sooner had I had them together when a group of other people were all drinking their own, so I joined in with that too, and thus a total of three within a minute.

To be honest, there are great big f'ing chunks of the evening which I don't remember. This is largely down to the fact that Adele got me a treble vodka (we get vodka free at the club, you see), and made me drink it.. Ugh... It was nice and all... But left me considerably more drunk than usual. And then I went and got another one, and used this machine to see how fast I could drink it, but I need more practice, because I SUCKED.

So yeah, last night I drank 14 units or so of alcohol... And you're only meant to have 21 in a week... And that's before you consider how much I had at the weekend in Edinburgh. And that doesn't yet take into account the social tonight, either. I'd best go eat some food, see if that helps...

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