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Reasons I might be wasted:L

Drinkign a treble aftershock
The ndrinks ing a treble fcodka

You know what I mean

I can';t see ythe screen right

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Aren't you glad you used to go out with an alcoholic? Look at the wonderful livejournal entries you can make now, hehe

Daniel and I (champion drunken posters) are very proud *nods* ;)

Hweh.... Well, withoiut you, I'd never be able to down a treble vodka wihtout puking.

Thanks :o)


Now, if I could just close my eyes without the world spinning.......


I'm glad I'm good for something, then ;)
I think Martyn and I between us have corrupted a fair few people, with our pre-Freak drinking sessions :)

drink lots of water before you go to bed, and you won't have a hangover :)
*nods* xx

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