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Here we go... These are from LWL a few weeks ago

Russel and Kyle on the left, Julian, Ben, Penny, David and Tim on the right

Left to right, back row: Caroline, ???, Russel, Felix, David, Ed, Ben, Rob
Front row: Kyle, Dillon, Petra, Helena, Julian

Just felt like it....

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So THAT'S what english people look like.

:: kidding, of course. ::

I wonder if they knew you'd be putting their pictures on the internet. that would bother my friends til no end.

bye now. did you ever add me back, jamie?

They wouldn't care in the slightest - the pictures were all taken from our team website anyway.

And no, I didn't add you back. Nor do I have any intention of ever adding you back. Deal.


And you're mean. But I won't hold it against you because nothing you have is exactly friends only..

Yes it is. You just don't see those posts, see?

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