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The drive up there... Good God, if ever I doubted the existence of "minibus craziness", then I was wrong. It exists. Because seriously, thirteen hours straight on the road - not fun! Even with the good company, the whole thing amounts to a complete headfuck. Penny had her laptop with her, so she and I played The Sims for a while, which was good fun though... I spent much of the time going up there listening to music, occasionally stopping to play someting for other people - we had some speakers, so I hooked them up to play Chesney Hawkes - The One and Only for everyone...

Eventually we arrived (after getting a bit lost), and went to a rather nice pub, which was just full of other players, which was nice. Met a few of the guys from Stirling, and from University College Dublin, which was nice. The UCD guys were getting utterly wasted, having already gone through several crates of beer on the journey over. Anyway, after a lot of drinking (aftershock), the pub finally closed at 1am (hooray for Scottish drinking hours), so we went back to the house of the player who was putting us up. Nice house, shame about the 92 stairs to get to the flat.

Back there, we found guitars, and so I sat down and played a bit. I had a request for Guns n Roses, so I played Sweet Child O' Mine, which was a challenge with a bit of alcohol in me... Then I played them Chesney Hawkes, just because I can. And we all sang Common People together while I played it on guitar. And then I got a request for The Proclaimers - 500 Miles. Having no idea how to play it, I just sat down and worked out the key of the melody - E, F#, G#, A. To me, that suggested chords of E, A, B, C#m. And as it turned out, playing the chorus as E, A, B seemed to work quite well, so perhaps I actually managed to figure it out all by myself. That would be cool :o)

After a rather nice (if short) night's sleep, we went down to the sports centre the next day for our first game. We were against UCD3, who were utter beginners, and I felt really sorry for them. We thrashed them 9-4, though they should never have even got those points. We were just being lazy. I think the official score recorded for that game is 8-4, because the scorer missed the fact that with three seconds to go, Felix threw me a hammer to the end-zone, which I (naturally) caught. In fact, that day, I didn't miss a single catchable end-zone throw.

Our second game was against Hull Uni's team, Hulltimate, which we won 6-5. I scored the first point of the game, which was nice. Then, when we were 5-4 up, I totally fucked everything up. I picked up after one of their hammers went too long, and accidentally missed throwing to our player entirely. I was at our end of the pitch, and threw it to his marker, who threw it to my marker, who scored as a result. 5-5, with only about thirty seconds to go, against the hardest team in our group. Boy did I feel stupid. That's the problem with my side-arm under pressure - it's shit.

But then.. we got possession of the disc, and I made one of my wonderful runs, straight from our line to the opposing end zone. As I set off, Felix threw a high long disc, which overtook me. Head pointing straight up, I just sprinted after it leaving my marker way behind me, and managed to snatch it out of the air a foot from the back line. Out of all the beginners on the team, I'm still the only person who pulls those off. And thus, the game is won, and I do a massive celebratory dance type thing :o)

Third game of the day was against UCD2, which we won 5-4... It was all nice and close... And then we played York in the 7th/10th crossover. We lost 5-4, but I'll explain more about that later...

Then that night was the party, which was quite possibly the coolest event I've ever been to, although only if I ignore a few chunks of the evening. First things first, as a team, we went out for dinner at this great Italian restaurant. We'd tried going to a few pubs, but made the mistake of me and Felix going first into them. The first pub we tried really did not want our business, they actually said "you can't eat here, you'll have to find somewhere else". Damned pink mohawk. But yeah, we found a lovely Italian, where the Stirling team were also eating. And the staff there loved us - probably largely because of the sheer quantity of food and alcohol we ordered...

Anyhow, I had a nice pizza, some garlic bread with cheese, and lots of wine. Must remember not to drink wine any more though - it makes me too sleepy, as becomes apparent later. Then we wandered down to the venue for our party, which was some club just down the road. On the way, other teams saw us, recognised us, and said hi and stuff. It's good being so easily noticeable, much more sociable...

So, the music in the club was often good. They started with a 5ive Megamix, then went on to play Chesney Hawkes, The Proclaimers (both of which I'd played on guitar the night before, spooky), Raining Men, Come On Eileen, and a load of stuff that's great fun to dance to. Cheesy pop crap is the best for a good night out :o) Danced a ton with Penny, since we both love dancing to all that stuff - when It's Raining Men came on, she knew that I was going to come to the dance floor and told Vicky such, and lo, ten seconds later, I appeared. Heh... It's from all the dancing in Creation with her - makes me predictable :o)

Anyhow, here's the icky part....

So, I was getting tired, so I went to have a quiet sit down for a while. Then these horrible old women came over and started trying to chat me up. They were at least mid thirties, and were all sleazy and it was just really really bad. It f'ing traumatised me, and I was just sat there wishing I was dead. Anyway, eventually they fucked off, and I immediately ran in the opposite direction. But then I found myself downstairs, which was full of scary 30/40/50 year olds, all dancing as if they were horny teens. The others found the downstairs area too, and found it as funny as I found it disturbing. I mean, I'm all for them having fun, but please, if they could avoid sharking at me that'd be nice....

Anyway, so then I went to the downstairs bar, because it was emptyish. Then this girl tapped me on the arm and asked me my name, which was novel. Shame she looked really slapperish, and had a smile that said "I want you because you'd be my thousandth shag", but hey, there we go. Anyway, I told her my name. Ten seconds later, I realised I was probably being rude, so I turned around and asked her name back. I forgot it immediately, and still have no idea what it was. Another couple of lines of talking was all I could put up with, so I went back to trying to get a drink. Then she stroked my hair, and grinned at me again. By this point, I really had had enough of bad people coming on to me, and I fled in terror back to the safety of the other mohawks.

Oh, and cool bit (from my perspective). The DJ offered a free bottle of champagne to the first girl to get bra-less. Nobody did it. Then he offered a free bottle to any guy who gave him his boxer shorts. Immediately somebody did - see, guys have less inhibitions. I decided that I wanted in on this champagne deal, so I asked the DJ if, in the event of me getting stark bollock naked, I'd win champagne. He told me that I'd get my chance later.

Shortly afterwards, he announced that ten people were going to play a game, five girls and five guys, and that the winners would get a couple of bottles of champagne. And since Vicky and Penny were partly behind the whole thing, I automatically got picked to play, woo. The game was this - the dance floor was cleared, and everybody gathered around to watch. We were then told that the winning pair would be the first to swap all their clothes - the girl had to be wearing everything the guy had on (boxers included), and vice versa.

Now by this point, just as in Manchester that time, I was well up for getting naked. Almost everything came off, until I was stood there in my boxers, waiting for Vicky to swap out of some of her clothes. But the moment never came - she straight-off refused to take her knickers off, and without that, we couldn't win. Cue me standing around in my tiger-pattern boxers in front of an audience for a while longer, until one team won. Music came back on, and I danced around a bit more. Then I put my clothes back on. I wish I'd got properly naked - it's not often that people see a naked guy with a pink mohawk - it's the sort of thing they'd remember...

For a while after that, girls would come up to me and tell me well done, or comment on my hair, or (more often) my boxer shorts. It was all cool :o) I decided at that point that I would wear said boxer shorts the next day, over the top of my playing shorts. So I did - I played all the later games of the Sunday in my regular kit, plus tiger boxers over the top. I got many comments, which was all good - it's all about being memorable.

Is anybody still reading this, by the way? I somehow doubt it, because it's awfully boring, but please try to keep up just for fun. So yeah, back to the party. After a while of relaxing, sleepy-like, I went back to dance at around 2am, and spent the last hour with the others, in a big circle, doing cool dances. We had such a good time. Fun was had by all, hooray :o)

Eventually we staggered back to the flat, and all collapsed, more or less. And that ends the Saturday. Sunday morning, we woke up late, and after lots of rushing around, and roads being closed, we eventually got to the tournament. Our first game had already started, and unless we got five players to the starting line within thirty seconds, we'd go a point down. None of our team captains (the only players who weren't beginners) had got to the hall yet, and we were playing in light tops and I only had dark (I'd had to run from the minibus, so I didn't have my bag with me). Cue more Jamie-Nudity, as I decided to play skins (because it's close to lights, and it's certainly not darks). Four others got to the line, and I (arrogantly) declared myself temporary captain. I assigned people to various positions, and the game got underway.

They did score the first point, but bear in mind that half of us couldn't see with our hangovers, and stuff. Second point, I took charge more, I sent people to various places on the pitch, picked up the pull myself and played handler for a bit. Then I threw a pass to Kyle and sprinted for the end-zone, and was there ready to receive his hammer and score a point. It was the only point we scored for the first ten minutes - I went off after it to try breathing again (and to let on a captain), since I'd lost the ability. Damned alcohol ;o)

I get way too presumptuous when playing Frisbee.... It's largely because I know/think I pay more attention than the others. I've listened patiently to everything Jimbo ever told me, everything Felix ever told me, everything Juan ever told me, etc. etc... When they talk about tactics, I tend to know what they're on about, because I've been listening the whole time. So I kinda feel like I get the nuances of the game quite well or something, which leads to me thinking I can be a captain-type player. I'm probably better at working out what's going on than actually doing it these days. I still want to be in charge in some small capacity - I'd love to captain our fourth team at our tournament or something, I'd probably prefer that to playing on the second team (which is the best I could otherwise do, and that's a stretch right now because I'm not very good at a lot of things). Oh well... I'm getting way ahead of myself, but it's just because I really do love the game :o)

Then played against The JMEC, and won quite comfortably. Slightly made up for losing our seed in the previous game, I guess. And after that, we played Hulltimate again, but they were more on the ball than we were, and beat us this time (but only by a point). Still, it was a good spirited game, and at least it was a team we knew that we could beat on another day... Oh, and I did my first indoor lay-out, which was fun. I was trying to catch a dodgy push-pass from Juan in the end-zone, and I had to take my feet out from under me in order to get down to it. I have a nice burn/graze on my leg from it, yay :o)

Then it was time for the awards ceremony. We won the Silly Hat Prize, which we've won for 5 out of the last 6 years, which is a damned good record. We really are that good :o)

And then we won Spirit!
Ultimate relies on a spirit of sportspersonship which places the responsibility for fair play on the individual. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of the bond of mutual respect between players. And never with an intention to abuse the agreed-upon rules of the game, or destroy the pure joy of play . . . Remember, no set of rules can replace players' respect for one another and the Spirit of the Game . . .
Every tournament has a Spirit award for the team who played fairest, was generally well-spirited, and basically it's the other teams' choice for who rocks. And we won it. Winning Spirit at Edinburgh is like, better than winning it. The teams who won were the ultra-competitive ones whose beginners have been playing Ultimate since early September. Whereas we've been playing since early October - that crucial extra month rules us out of winning, but we showed that our team is one of the most fun teams, so yay :o)

I personally attribute it to a lot of things. Visibility is one - every time we had fun, or did something nice, people knew which team it was because of the hair styles. Costumes were another thing - me with my boxer shorts, Vicky and Penny with their foil hair things, Felix with his custom hat... And fair play is another - if I were to guess, I'd say UCD probably nominated us, because our games against them were all fair. I got a couple of endzone catches which were tough calls as to whether I was in or out, but every time it happened I said I was out, rather than look like I might be lying and being unsporting. And since the guy marking me was their captain, that meant that they saw us being fair lots.

And Felix especially deserves a big part of that, because in our game against York one of their players fell down about ten seconds from time, when we had the disc and were just one point down. If it was a draw, it'd go to a golden goal scenario, which we could have had a chance at. But instead of throwing the disc, he stopped to see if the guy was alright. By the time he found that the guy was indeed absolutely fine, it was too late for a good throw, and we lost the game. Had the guy not gone down so gratuitously, I was free of my marker, and there isn't a good hammer that I can't catch (at least that day - I was doing really well). If he'd just put it up to the end-zone, I'm sure I'd have been on it, and we'd have drawn. We gave up the chance for a top eight position all in the name of fair play. And in the same situation, I don't think any of us would change that.

So yeah, the weekend was great. Game-wise, there were only two catchable end-zone discs that I managed to miss. I caught every single other thing that came to me, which was a damned good record. Our players did really well, David and Staffan especially. And the coaching was great - Felix proved that he's a really good captain, and we all had a great time :o)

The end of the story is simply that we drove home overnight, it took about nine hours, but I slept through much of that. We went down the M40, just a couple of miles from my parents' house, which was cool - I got to say to those people who were awake "yeah, this is where I live", and I doubt they cared... Spent most of the time curled up with Penny, sleeping - the whole thing has been so tiring....

But it's been the most fantastic weekend... And I had the best time :o)

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"Our second game was against Hull Uni's team, Hulltimate, which we won 6-5."

Bah : p

Read on - they beat us in our last game :oP

Plus, they were nice guys.. A good team.. And lots of them didn't have stupid Hull accents (note: you don't have one either - you don't pronounce "mohawks" as "merhoks", so...)

w00t, I don't have townie accent!!!!111!

<MODE="jonno">Yeah mate, me an' me mate Adam we're gonna 'ave to come an' fill you in for 'avin' a go at 'ull people fella! Aright fella, me an' me kroo's gonna breyerheddin' aright fella? See ya soon fella</MODE>


I played in those games, short guy called Robbie who was one of the experienced players, so cheers for the very nice comments! The Mowhawks games were extremely fun and very close. Glad we managed to get you guys back in the final game :-) plus I remember we were speaking to you lot at the party for a while. Yes non of us have horrible Hull accents thankfully and if we did we'd probably put on some sort of fake normal accent instead.

I really like the system UF has of self-refereeing and respect for fair play :) Too many 'sports' are all about beating your opponent by *whatever* means.

Naked guy with a pink mohawk.... riiiiight. Traumatising thought.

we need more mowhawks here. there's none here. tiger boxers ?!

don't make fun. i bought him those.

Glad you had fun. You know I'm all up for the nakedness, but... The Sims?! Jamie, I'm not impressed.
Well done on the frisbee. But next time be aggressive and win everything. You slackers.

Oh. And there's no dignity in winning a crazy hat prize. So don't even pretend.

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