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I'm sorry, this has gone on long enough
I cannot contain myself any more. I bring to you, the following...

Ben Olding - Revealed!

Sorry. Had to happen :o)

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so go on, what were the deleted posts?

but yes, the article sucks, the guy well, wow 70 hits is all I can say, and well, mmm, I prefer the rewrite

The first was a test post, using Becca's account, to make sure it was working. The second? I don't know...

lol, if i had 70 hits in a month i'd be ashamed rather than telling ppl.

like the rewrite though, i think you should show him it.

Exactly - 70 sucks. The paper knows nothing :o)

Maybe I will, maybe I won't :o)



Okay, so I'm easily amused ... 8-D

You used my account to do what ?????

Firstly, for fuck's sake, would you please start hitting the "reply" link on the relevant post. Stop starting new threads in my comments section, or it fucks up how it looks.

And secondly, I posted a test response to one of my posts (which simply said "test", and was subsequently deleted by me), to make sure your account was working. Or would you rather I had just left your account alone?

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