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Right, well, time for bed. I feel much better now - the problem was most likely just a temporary blood-sugar thing. And now I shall sleep.

Tomorrow it's the Extreme Sports Society social, which should be fun.. Then Vicky and I are coming back here, having a quick sleep, and then going off to Edinburgh for the weekend... Fun! :o)

PS Oh, and tomorrow I'm dying my mohawk Magenta, yay :o)

PPS Not Pink, duh

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it will come out looking pink though! i know!

Heh, not if I leave the dye in for about five hours ;o)

that's what i thought!!!

Hooray for hair dye... When I dyed my hair magenta, it turned dark purple at the roots and got lighter towards the tips... it was light pink on the ends... it was weird... Woo...

- Blue

pink! weeheeheehee!

magenta oughta look cool, dude. just make sure you use lots of dye. 'cuz on bleached blond hair it will come out paler. and have some spare dye, for when it inevitably starts to fade. ;)

I had a friend who dyed her hair magenta once. It looked cool. Be sure to leave it on long enough and use color-saving shampoo so it doesn't go pink on you.

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