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So far, a success
Well, I asked you for your opinions on my Journal, and responses have been good. A few points, though...

Those people who said "You can't tell the difference between one color and another on the comments button". Well you're right. Any two consecutive numbers (or even more) look pretty much the same unless they're right next to each other. However, that's how I want it. I don't need to look at a post and think "So, that has had 7 replies to it". I get every reply mailed to me anyway, so I rarely need to check to see if anybody has added anything. I just like the gradual progression through the colors, even if it's rather subtle.

To those people who noticed that there was an absence of color - congratulations on your fine discovery. This was not an accident. The themes behind it were clear - the page is all whites, blacks and greys (even the picture at the top is faded), and the only real relief from the stark greyscale is in the comments button, which has all manner of beautiful colors. It symbolises that my life is simplistic, and to a certain extent dull, but is brought to life by the presence of other people in it.

I have to now apologise to everybody who falls into the above categories (and there are quite a few of you). I'm actually thrilled by your responses - they weren't "Broken images everywhere" or "Layout sucks". Excellent, thanks :o)

And those who said it loads slowly. Yes, I noticed. The 2mb upload of all the required images gave me a hint. I need to reduce the size of the header picture by a bit - 100kb is too much for something so bland and simple. But, despite the extra load on loading time caused by the many comments pictures that are loaded up on every page, they stay. Just because you can't tell the difference between two of them doesn't justify changing them to .jpgs and removing the difference completely. They have to be as large as they are in order for them to be unique and pretty, and above all looking professional, with none of the blotchiness of .jpgs. In short, there's not much I can do about the whole "takes ages to load", except convert the header image, and hope that's enough to speed the rest up.

And those few people who have criticized the style in its entireity. Those who (not on my journal) said it was crap, or sucked. Well, I don't care. You don't get my journal - very few people do. People think it's my way of showing the world who I am, what I'm like. That's wrong. My journal is a very personal thing to me - I put myself into it completely. It's my journal, which describes, in detail, my last summer living at home, my first real full time job, my first term at university, and many other significant things. I have this journal for me, and when making a new style, the person I'm making it for is me, so I can look at my journal and enjoy doing so. Other people who read it mostly read through their friends pages anyway, but regardless, this journal is mine. I allow others to read it because I see no reason to keep it a secret, and often enjoy being given the chance to express myself to others on a large scale. Indeed, I like very much the fact that through my journal I communicate with my father probably better than in real life (fewer arguments, less temptation to just batter him, etc.), and let my family know how I'm getting on at Uni. I don't know, but I suspect that it's comforting for them to know that, whatever happens, they'll know about it when it does, and that I'm OK. But the journal is still for my benefit. If you don't like the layout, don't look at it - it's my journal. Thank you.

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If you follow the link it says you've deleted you journal! argh!
Oh wait, you've just made a typo and gone to someone elses journal.

Reduce the bits of colour to reduce the filesize?

Never! :o)

If I do that, then it'll lose a certain level of detail. I can't have that :o)

Nah, if you do it carefully & perfect, it will work.

But I'd have to change 100 images. No chance :o)

I guess you never heard of batch processing? :)

I guess I could.... But I'm lazy. And it wouldn't help much - they're not that big as it is...

Using Fireworks I managed to reduce that 100kb+ image of yours to a small-ish 20kb jpeg. With bugger all loss to boot.


See, I'm going to reduce that image anyway. I just didn't bother changing it from a .png in the first place because I like them so much :o)

(Deleted comment)
See what I'm about to post in my journal :o)

Not meaning to sound rude, but 70 hits in since *December*? That doesn't sound too successful to me...

(Deleted comment)
That's much better :-)

Oh look, Dan deleted his post.... Worried about retribution no doubt :o)

Its all about whats on the inside...not the outside

Hey Im Lindsey. I was just looking through other journals and i came across yours. The part where you were talking about how "this is your journal and you can put whatever style you want to on it"
caught my eye. Yes, i agree. Its your journal, its all about the writtings and not the look. and also you said this was your last summer at home...where are you going?

Re: Its all about whats on the inside...not the outside

Last summer living at home - I'm now at Uni, and subsequent summers will be spent working and such, so...

Hey man! I think your journal looks awesome! And since it's a public style now, I just might have to use it myself sometime soon!


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