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I have a new Journal Layout
Please everybody, take some time to look at my new layout. Click here to see it. I need input, kids. Lots and lots of input. And you have to point out bugs, and browser incompatability. Because I've only tested on whatever version of IE I'm using. Help me out here kids...

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I only got to see the black curvy borders around the posts, due to the fact it took so blimmin' long to load :)

Probably not your fault, but there you go.

Well, as it goes, the upload on the files was about 2mb. But on any given page, you'd never see more than a fifth of that, and even that is highly unlikely. It's all to do with how I did the comment links, as it goes... :o)

Seen it all now.

Too much white. Needs more colour. That's about the only problem with it.

In other matters... Ben Olding has got into the Thame Gazette would you believe. They're hailing him as a hero for that site of his ;)

I shall scan it and upload it tomorrow if I remember.

So I heard. My mother told my siblings not to tell me, in case I went and did something evil to it. I might :o)

Do it! I have no idea who this guy is but sabotaging websites in the public eye is fun, speically if they are getting increased hits at the time.

This guy is an asshole. He tried to flame me on our community forum. Masterful leader of my Adjective Army as I am, I totally destroyed him (and his girlfriend) on it, to the point where he threatened me with violence. In public. Oh dear. I pointed out to him that for what he'd done I could pull the plug on his ISP account, which was his dad's (who would be pissed off with him), and he left me alone. Heh.... Moron :o)

cool, would he ever actually dare hurt you in public?

He'd probably try. But not the brightest chap, or in any way fast, I like to think he'd not get very far...

Anyhow, we ended it on a good note, when his girlfriend apologised to me for him (which was funny), so all was good. But doing evil things to his site would amuse me..... :o)

DOES load slow, I have to say, but it looks bloody cool - I like it the colour(s) it is.

I'm using IE 5.5, didn't have any problems. Just slow. ;-)

I'll work on it - the problem is, every post with a different number of comments loads a new .png image to represent this - and they're hardly the smallest of images. Plus, the header image is quite large. I may sacrifice some detail for some speed and make it a .gif, or sacrifice a LOT of detail for tons of speed and turn it straight to a .jpg...

Hmmmm ... well, considering the sorts of images you're working with, losing detail shouldn't detract too much from a really nice design (in theory, without seeing it) ... I mean, it's definitely not in the top ten 'god this page takes forever to load' category anyway ... ;-)

The problem is that the simple images aren't taking up much space at all. As far as I can tell, the border around the post takes up 4kb. The problem arises because of minimum cluster size and such, but I thought that for downloads, that wasn't taken into account. What takes ages to load (and slows the rest down with it) is the header image (which doesn't need to be so detailed, although I'd like it to be) and the comments image-array, many of which are loaded on any given page. The solution might be to reduce the posts per page, and thus the number of different comments buttons that need loading...

Should I nod knowingly and say 'ah' or just say 'I dunno'? *cheerful grin*

Well either is perfectly acceptable :o)

Ah. *nods knowingly* ;-)

Glad you understand :o)

Oh DEFINITELY yes. 8-)

I am replying to your post just to increase the number of responses, to make the comments button changed. I hope you don't feel too used by this ;o)

Hell no - I'm here for a while, we can trade meaningless crap posts as long as you like, glad to be of service. 8-)

(I'll be damned if I remember what we were talking about in the first place 8-) )

It was probably all irrelevant anyway - much of what I say is, these days...

So what's the weather like over there? At the minute, the weather here is "Dark"

Here too, alas, it's 19:40. ;-) Add 'rather cold' to that, although it's probably just slightly above freezing but decidedly damp ... the sort of weather that'll be warmer if it actually RAINS, weirdly enough.

Additional to my prior description, the weather here is also slightly rainy, cold (I should hope so, I keep all my chilled goods on the roof directly outside my window), and noisy. There are birds chirping, which is nice for them I'm sure, but bloody annoying when they chirp the same thing over and over :o)

Yeesh, they could at least have the courtesy of learning a few tunes. ;-)

Do you not have a refrigerator there, or is this your way of making sure your food REMAINS your food? ;-)

The reasons are threefold

Firstly, after somebody in my flat tampered with some of my drink (spiked it with God only knows what), I'm cautious about keeping my stuff in the kitchen too obviously, so some stuff stays here with me

Secondly, we do have refrigerators here, but only two medium sized ones, for 12 people. Consequently, there is rarely enough space for everything, and I like to keep some things in a place where the temperature is stable, unlike outside, which it can go below freezing (i.e. fruit doesn't get left there).

Thirdly, it enables me to, should I wish, be very lazy and have my breakfast in bed. Milk is kept out there overnight (and I hope it doesn't freeze :o), and I can then eat my breakfast in the morning without having to leave my room or get dressed. Useful :o)

Very wise, it sounds! What happens in spring when it warms up a bit, or has that not happened yet? ;-)

Apparently it's not happened yet. When it starts to smell, this is a sign that spring is here :o)

The hills are aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivee ....
... with the smell of James' fooooooood .....


I think it looks rather snazzy :o)

Ta. I like it, certainly. Especially what happens to the comments button when you hit about 35 comments. You'll have to load the images to find out what that is :o)

i'm just a stranger who happened along.

for what its worth. i was impressed. :)

Thanks. As was I (naturally)...

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