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So, bed time. Tomorrow I have to finish my Project Proposal for my dissertation, and then f'k off to Frisbee for three hours in the afternoon. Then it's time to go home, and sleep, in preparation for Paintball on Saturday, for which I need to be on campus at 8am (shocking). I'm tempted to just ask Cat to let me crash on her floor to save me the journey, but I guess not...

I really like how my hair is now. It's very light blonde, like vanilla ice cream style light, and it's spiky, Dexter Holland style. Even Claire of all people said she thought it looked good on me, which is quite an achievement.... There's little root bits coming through, so I'm gonna get most of it shaved off soon, so I can have the mohawk for frisbee and stuff.

As I said at the start - bed time.

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Alright STOP. Collaborate and *listen*.

Fuck dude, you beat me to it.

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