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Sorted.. again..?
I'm on the Lunix machines at Uni right now, just to prove that I do attend this place. I like them, I have four simultaneous desktops, and it's all very easy to switch between things. That being said, I probably prefer Windows, just because I've been using it for a long time. Oh well, I'm a fickle lad really :o)

I've submitted my request for a final year project - I went with the natural language e-mail client idea, because frankly I really like it... I've submitted it to a supervisor who seems nice enough, has an interest in NLP, and hasn't yet had any requests. In theory, that means I should get it approved. We shall see :o)

The plan for now would be to go get SportsFed membership, and actually join the frisbee team officially, but there's something going on in the union building right now, so it's probably easier if I just do it tomorrow before practice. No lectures on a Wednesday this term, so I've got plenty of time for it... Provided I wake up in time after clubbing tonight. Which reminds me, I should text Cat to make sure she's definitely going - I don't fancy turning up on my own, somehow :o)

Anyway, all is good, for now. Let's see how things turn out :o)

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