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Today, I've been ever so good. I went shopping, and bought lots of food, including an oven meal thingie, you take the plastic off the top, stick the tray in the oven, and cook for thirty five minutes. It was a bacon-wrapped chicken thingie, but the main reason I got it was to try it, and if it was good, invent my own.

And yay, it was good - I managed the whole "Feeds Two" thing, even though I had six slices of toast with it and everything... Felt slightly bloated afterwards, but that's to be expected. Still, I've come up with a vague recipe which I need to try now...

Right, so, you get a chicken breast, slice it lengthways, and put a small amount of processed cheese in there - just a small layer, which will melt and fill the thing. Ideally, this should be done along the "top" of the breast, so that when cooking, it doesn't all flow out. Then wrap the chicken breast in streaky bacon, and put into a pre-heated 200°C oven for about half an hour or so... I bet it'd be nice my way... Then serve it in a nice cheese sauce.. I'm gonna try it sometime. Jimbo can cook for people, so I should learn too.

Anyway, Coupling and The Office are on... Then at 10:30pm, I have two choices. I either stay in, and relax. Or go out, and have a good time.

Reasons to Stay In
I don't have much money
I don't have much alcohol, and no time to go to the pub
I have a lecture first thing tomorrow
Clubbing generally ends in disappointment
I'd be going alone, with no friends there

Reasons to Go
There's apparently going to be lots of people there. Girls. Etc.

Hmm.. So yeah, I'm undecided. Add to that the fact that I really don't feel in the mood for clubbing, ever since certain people heaped derision on my dancing, and basically told me I look stupid. So here's the deal, one hour to decide it, somebody decide for me...

Do I go out?

Yes, go, pull many random girls (not)
No, stay in and avoid disappointment

You've got an hour, people, and then I'll just do as I please anyway....


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*dies of heart attack* just reading that recipe was a coronary disaster. go out, meet people. they will fall for your british accent. wait, you all have that. well. uh, your frisbee skills?


Heh, yeah, we all have the accent and thus mine is nothing special...

As for Frisbee - I tend not to take one to clubs.... Maybe that's where I'm going wrong... Regardless, it just wasn't my night :o)

could be an affectation, like a person using a cane when he doesn't need it. but you'd probably get gals over here just 'cos of your voice. and your tendency to expose yourself. ;o)

Just one of the many reasons I wanna go back to the US soon ;o)

where have you been in the good ol' US of A? *smirk*
good & old? hah.

New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.... 'twas all very good :o)

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