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Aphrodite with a Beer

Who are you?

Oh well, online tests are rarely right... I think I'm going back to Uni for my 2pm lecture, despite earlier plans to the contrary... I'm a fickle lad really... It's Ring Theory, so I feel the need to attend the lectures just so I can work out what nozza is always going on about...

I shouldn't read New Scientist so much - it just makes me sad... To think that in two trillion years all the galaxies that aren't in our local cluster will be accelerating away from us at the speed of light, and therefore will no longer be reachable by us or even visible... Something about the idea of them being lost to us forever makes me kinda sad, I dunno why... It's not even like it's happening tomorrow or something - I probably won't even be around in two trillion years... :o)

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heh. unlucky, man.

*smug smile*

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