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Not that I needed reminding, but the last ten minutes has reminded me of why I love living here quite so much. It's the little things... I leave my house at 10pm, and walk fifty yards to the end of my road. I pass the big pub there, which is thumping out 90s Dance Pop, and merriment is ensuing inside. Under the bridge, and I'm at the station, where a nice (but probably drunk) girl smiles at me. Walk into the 24/7 Budgens, pick up a chocolate bar and pack of polos, pay, and then walk home again. The walking takes about a minute and a half each way, it's nice and warm out (I was in a t-shirt), the whole place feels so alive...

Compare and contrast with Chinnor, where the nearest 24 hour facilities are about seven miles away, and aren't open 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays or Mondays anyway. Furthermore, nice girls don't live in Chinnor. Or in the surrounding towns, for that matter. And all the "alternative" kids are New Found Glory rip-off boys who think that dressing in baggy jeans and wearing the haircut of their musical idol makes them somehow cool. The kids who think that wearing a band t-shirt makes you endlessly elite because you paid seven times more for your clothes than the kid with a logoless t-shirt.

Whereas here, there's a much greater feeling of individuality in people, and the sense that they try to just be themselves, and be different - and not different like their favourite band. Just different in their own way. I like that, it's one of the most attractive qualities somebody can possess, because it sets them apart from everyone else immediately...

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I'd love to be somewhere that people actually acted like themselves... during my "stay" in Tescos car park today I saw far too many people thinking they were "alternative" just cause they have a Linkin Park top or something. I hate them all.

How do you know they thought they were alternative?

Hahahahahaha....had you going for a second then...

New Found Glory rip-off boys

Like you yearn to be? Don't think I've forgotten your declaration of desire for the NFG look...

I want that stuff because I think it might suit me. The overall look it would achieve in my head doesn't look remotely like NFG. Kids who walk around with spiked dyed hair, baggy jeans, and NFG t-shirts are a little more of a ripoff than me ;o)

How is wearing an NFG t-shirt ripping off NFG? They don't wear their own t-shirts, they're not the orange

But hey, it suits me, so go for it dude, if I can pull it off then anyone can...

That reminds me, at Reading, Chris Conley was wearing an Everlast t-shirt. I almost wet myself laughing at that :o)

I know I'd have thought he'd have better taste.


By the way, on the off-chance that you don't yet have Can't Slow Down by Saves the Day, you should get it. I bought it like six months ago, have finally listened today, and I was very impressed..

Pah, had it for like 2 years now.

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