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It feels so much later than 2pm, it really does... Almost like the evening (but it's not). Jimbo and I almost locked ourselves out earlier, which wasn't fun, but I still had my key in my pocket. Otherwise we would've been royally screwed... Right now, Petra and John are here with Jimbo, but I'm still tidying my room and stuff. Should be done soon.

The plan for Tuesday is that Jimbo is manning the Ultimate Frisbee stall, so I'll go along, give him moral support, talk to random Freshers, and generally try to advertise Frisbee. Oh, and I need to sign up too. And make everybody call me Jamie, damnit.. :o)

So, right now, I have to finish tidying my room (which is getting on for done), and then go buy some essentials from Sainsbury's... Things like bread, butter etc. Once that's done, I can eat, listen to music, perhaps invite Mice over for a chat (I've not seen her in months, after all), and generally enjoy living alone again :o)

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dispite my issues with the name, on an unrelated note, you are aware how shit "jamie" is as a name right? and how gay it actually does sound...

He speaks the truth.

"Despite my issues with the name" makes it almost sound as if you're about to be objective here ;o)

And to be honest, when you're me, you have to stop caring about coming off as gay - there's nothing I can do about it, I may as well just get on with the fact that people might well assume it... :o)

unfortunatly very objective.

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