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I've not been waking up on time. I think it's lack of blood sugar making me all tired out. As a result, I think eating more chocolate is the solution. After all, since arriving here, I've bought no chocolate at all - that can't be good for me. So after I leave the computer labs (where I am now), I'll go rectify the situation. That way, hopefully, tomorrow I'll make it to all my lectures. Let's not get into how many I've got to this week, eh? :o)

So, last night. Went to East Slope bar, which was fun. I left after a while, since I wasn't having the greatest time of my life (although it wasn't bad), and went home to get some food. After I left, James skillfully poured beer all down Alex, so they left and came back to the flat, bumping into Brett (the love of Alex's life) on the way back. She said something like "I'm sorry, I'm covered in beer", and walked away from him. Heh. When they got back to the flat, she and Claire kept talking about changing clothes and then going back to chat up Brett, which I later found was a rather amusing attempt to get me jealous. As they ought to have noticed yesterday when they reported that Harry pulled at the club the other night, I simply don't get jealous. Their attempts proved pointless, and they left to go do it anyway. I then spent ages talking to Harry, basically sorting out a load of stuff, and then had a nice chat with Mice. She has a boyfriend now (Marryat), and it's my fault, apparently. He's this really nice guy who I got on with really well, so I encouraged her to go out with him. Now she is. I rule :o)

Um, anyhow, not done much today - only been awake a couple of hours, so... I plan on doing more things tomorrow, and stuff. Basically, we'll just see how things progress from here, but I hope to be awake in time for lectures now. The problem is, until now I didn't know when any of them were, and it seemed pointless carrying all my stuff to Maths just to find that I had nothing that day. So I didn't. Oops. Got my timetable now though, so fingers crossed... :o)

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Love (!) "The plan"

I LIKE the choco plan! Though I think an alarm clock at the other side of the room will be better for you!

(AND, as an added bonus, your aim with pillows increases!!)

Re: Love (!) "The plan"

Tried. The problem is that I get up, do stuff, then go back to bed rather than walk to Maths in the cold only to find I don't have any lectures. I now know when my lectures are, which will help.

Morning! The dirty word!

Here is a good plan, it has worked for me. Once you get up lay your covers out on the floor so they get cold and so does the bed...

Puts you off a bit if it is all cold and there is nothing within easy reach to cover up with...

Ahhhh... The lengths we go to to get ourselves to lectures in time... Sheesh!

"I've not been waking up on time. I think it's lack of blood sugar making me all tired out. "

I think that you'll find that staying up talking all night, drinking too much, and not eating properly are more likely reasons than not eating enough chocolate. Bet you knew that I'd say that didn't you. Don't forget that you lost weight during term 1 which returned over Christmas as you were eating properly!!!!!

Now listen carefully as I shall say this only once (altho' I'll probably repeat it lots) - I am not suggesting that you never stay up late or even all night, I am not suggesting that you go to bed early every night, I am not suggesting that you become tee-total, I am not suggesting that you always eat breakfast & lunch & a cooked dinner every day (altho' you should!), I am not even suggesting that you never eat chocolate or sweets again.

What I am saying is that you are currently abusing your body by your actions, especially your inability to feed yourself and go for extended periods without eating. And that's why you can't get up in the morning. The chocolate / sweet thing only helps to suppress your appetite or had you forgotten.

What makes me really cross is that these rants of mine make me sound like an over-protective parent. I hope I'm not, but it does piss me off that you take so little care of yourself. There are plenty of people who care about you, even if you don't care about yourself!

God all I seem to do at the moment is lecture at you. I know you are 19 and at university. I know that you are supposed to be having fun and stuff. Both of your parents positively want you to have fun and do all the things that you are doing but we also want you to look after yourself, which is something that you are not doing at the moment.

Oh I'm bored with this already as I know it'll do fuck-all good as you will not take any notice. I guess I'd better just start saving to buy flowers and grapes for when you end up in hospital. Melodramatic? Probably but a definite possibility. Remember all I am saying is look after yourself better, not to stop enjoying yourself.

Concerned parent of Oxfordshire

I care about you Webley! And I can't afford flowers or grapes so I'll just give you a friendly punch instead, ok? You know what I think of your eating habits.

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