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My last Monday morning of work.... Finally, it's coming to an end.....

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Now you can look forward to the inevitable (pretty much at least - unless you win the lottery or summat) reality of such countdowns being measured in years - time is counting down Jaems! :0)

Not exactly - I won't allow myself to get a job quite as painful as this again... This summer has been awful, and if a job like this awaits me after I've got my degree, then I'll fling myself off the pier first.... :o)

*hands James a swimming cap*

Ultimately all jobs become tedious - to what degree tedium sets in is pretty much out of your hands. I change roles at least every two years - that helps - but can lead you straight into a role you may dislike more than your previous. Guess you never know until you start!

*looks at presentation and feels sick again*

Well this job has no real potential for growth, isn't leading me anywhere, and over the past two years has changed from an area I'm interested in to being mostly secretarial type stuff. If I was doing the same stuff as two years ago, I'd be a lot more happy with it, but my role has evolved in a way I'm not happy with. Ordinarily, I'd want to find another job, but there's not much around that pays as well as this, so that's not really a viable option right now.

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