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This will mostly only interest people like David and stuff, but....

Even though I usually hate midi files on sites, this one works well. Try telling me that that's not one of the most beautiful pages ever....

Damnit, when I get back to Uni, I'm gonna spend a couple of hours one morning (probably the first Monday, before Freshers week really starts) changing my LJ. Right now, I'm using my Webley Boxes on White style, and while on the one hand, I did make the style myself, on the other, now loads of people on LJ use it, which makes me far less unique. And it's not like I don't know how to do my own styles... So maybe I should make a new one, and make it all pretty and nice. Yup...

And damnit, I need to re-learn how to draw animé, because I've kinda forgotten in the last year or so, and that's annoying, because I really like it...

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Hehe . . I use it because it brings out my Boston picture..

:o) Ya know . . . all this white, and then the Boston picture.
I dunno . .

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