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.. like the wolf
The advantage of getting in half an hour before The Big Boss is that if, late at night, he comes up with something that needs doing the next day, I can have it done for him by the time he gets in. I had to do mods on the instruction manual for one of the instruments, and I got it all done ready for when he arrived this morning. Yay :o)

I've not been writing much Satire lately... To be fair, the news is amusing enough right now that I shouldn't really need to. Nor is there much need for me to highlight what's wrong with the system, since I think that by now it has become abundantly obvious. But still, it'll do me good to write some, so I did... It's all low brow and obvious, but the subtle stuff is far too close to the truth to be distinguished right now... There's still some subtlety in there, but it's hidden :o)

Anyway, 'tis my last day of work for a while... well, 24 hours, anyway... I have tomorrow off, and then I'm left with just Friday, which is nice. And in random news, before I sod off and do some work, I'm hungry.....


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