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Many of you out there aren't on my friends list. This does not mean you're not my friends - it merely means that for one reason or another, you're not on the list. So you don't know what happened at the weekend. So let me fill you in, with a far less detailed version. Woo :o)

Got to the flat Saturday afternoon. Broke up with Alex that evening, because I didn't think it would work. Caroline made me feel guilty and go apologise. I did so. We got back together. James and some mates arrived at some point too...

Sunday, Vicky plus hundreds of cool mates arrived. Hilights include her best mate Becca, who was tres cool, and one of her friends back from primary school, who was tres beautiful. Played pool and stuff, and things... Then Alex decided that I was right the previous night, and we broke up again. A few minutes later I pulled Vicky's friend Jenny, which was excellent fun. James pulled Vicky's other mate Fran, which was also cool. We rule :o)

Um, nothing much else to tell. Well, not to just anybody - get on my friends list, and read the good stuff :o)

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That's not the point...

I appear to be on your friends list-me-do, yet I canna read all your *gory* details should I want to.

You never know, one day I might want to :P

Re: That's not the point...

You need to log in to Livejournal from the front page, and then go to any page on the LJ site which shows my journal. Theoretically, you can then see all my protected posts.


Daniel i think u is very intrested in what james gets up too... dont u wonder how an ugly bastard like james does it though???

PS. Only 4 days till i leave this cold, wet, sunless country, caus i am "bangkok bound" - that program is very scary. :)

When you inevitably come back from Thailand having been repeatedly raped by she-males, I will actually laugh. Very loud.

Bye bye Mallen.

Nice knowing you ;)


Hello all, well i am in bangkok now and so far i aint been raped by any shemales! tis a freaky place though - noisy, dirty and very hot but so far its been good fun!

james stick me on your friends list, no more silly coments from me i promise. As this post is well old.


Yup, you're back on the list now. Remember to log in to see the posts :o)

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