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I had a weird thought the other day - I really quite like my shoes. They're these crappy Nike trainers that I bought back in 1999, and they've actually been with me through every life changing event ever, pretty much. I wore them to Ireland - in fact, I was wearing these shoes when I had my first ever kiss. I was also wearing them when I had my first ever sexual experience - at the top of this rocky hill, overlooking Dublin Bay... Perhaps the circumstances partly explain why it is that I have no problem with doing stuff in public, who knows...

These shoes also went on the Biology Field Trip with me in Year 12, when we went to Cornwall and I suffered mass persecution at the hands of Those Who Would Do Me Harm, but survived wholly unscathed due to basically being better than them. They've never quite recovered their colour after I accidentally stood in a bog (of the mud variety) in them, and then walked through rock pools in them too.

I was wearing them the first time I went to a pub, and the first time I drank alcohol. These shoes went with me to Wales the last time I went on holiday there. They also went with me to Wales when I went to visit Liz in Merthyr. They went up to Manchester with me the first time I ever met David, and on the first proper date of my life, with Jo. They went to Uni with me, and were what I was wearing most of my time there.

They've been to almost every single gig I've ever attended.

I took them with me to America, twice. I've worn them around Ballyadams, Belleville, Dillsburg, Chinnor, Manchester, Brighton, Dublin, Durham, Hull, pretty much everywhere I've been.

I dunno why I'm even thinking this.... I guess I just kinda like them - they've been through more with me than any friend ever has :o)

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I know a girl who thinks that a guy's shoes tell you more about that guy than anything else. If you wear shoes with history, it probably reflects well upon you. Even if you are clinging to the past a little, sentimentally.

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