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I've been counting the number of LJ people I've met....

Ric, Adam Curzon, James Adcott, Andy Geers, Laura Mills, Liz, Michael Bungey, Matt Milner, Nikki, Dave Downs, David Whitney, David Lees, Dingwall, Fi, Doc Bob, Ed, Liam, Siggy, Al, Debbie, Danuek, Jude, Vicki, Mitch, Emma Downs, Laura King, Martyn, Shanu, Becca, Ste, Dad, Jen, Lisargh, Rach, Lil Tom, Kate, Matt Robinson, Sophie, Frances, TMA, Dan Cross, Sarah, Mike Mullen, Mel, Charly, Dan, Ian, Kat (white rain), Kat (richard's), Richard, Mike, Alex, Matt Wieteska, Donda, Ginge, Charlie, Nicola, Doreen, Jess (amp), Kait, Angus, Jess (house), Ben, Kat (TFD's), Gaz, Morgan, Paul (Wright), Monica, Chris (Probe)...


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But you haven't met me... yet!

Jesus, you've met all these nice people and you're still a dick? :P

That's an opinion mostly held by the people who haven't met me :oP

That's not true - I've met you twice now and my opinion of you has halved each time.

Ugh, don't remind me... What a horrible memory - you, eww...

And I'd expect your opinion of me to tend towards the "dick" end of the spectrum - we spent the whole time last week just bitching about people :o)

Yeah that was fun... I have trouble thinking who we didn't slag off...

(notice this less than subtle attempt to get you into trouble)

I don't care - the people we slagged off deserved it anyway... Stupid bitches ;o)

I haunted your dreams last night, does that count?

No, that was YOUR MUM

For sure.

That was sooo last year.

Everyone knows that making songs up about having sex with my friend Joe's mum is all the rage.

it's just porn mum
you're running away
you wouldn't believe
what the kids see today


yeah, man. Trucks. worst band ever? HELL NO000OOo!!!!!!

NOFUCKEN WAYY!Y"^$(!^(^!*(^$!(^$(!^$(^(


i love the way the Dad in the video looks just like a dodgy porn actor.

i mean, she should've known he was one just by looking at him..

for sure, i mean... he probably stands in front of the mirror going "i've just come to fix your fridge".

do you reckon he also has a sideline into gay pr0n?

"ello.. i have come to fix your pipes"


who knows, maybe he posts nude pr0n picchars on his livejournal. ;)

so, the conclusion is, he's Jamie?

i love you jay! god, i haven't talked to you forever... i miss you

Well you're, like, always away on AIM :o)

i'm like, in class or in the theater!
i'm online now.. you can talk to me now...

I remember you doing one of these posts after the first time I bumped into you in alti.

I think you need some origional material :P

Bah... :oP

And I'm sure I saw you at Jillys last weekend too - I did a double take looking at somebody who looked just like you, but it was dark, so I didn't come over to you and say Hi in case I was wrong....

You're just jealous I've met so many LJ people, many in other countries ;oP


I take it that's not me? Just checking you haven't been sneaking into Ridge Danyers and spying on me from afar. Cos people do that. Oh yes, I am being watched, I am sure of it.

You have met me aswell, but dont worry. I am used to not being remembered.

Clearly nobody introduced us... Or at least didn't tell me you had a LJ... Which one were you? :o)

yah i was chris, I just wandered about at daves party talking to anyone who would listen.

Ah yes, I spoke to you when we were sitting on the chairs and Ste was trying to beat me up... I just never realised that was you :o)

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