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Just thinking about wearing glasses reminded me of Dash.. poor kid.. He wears glasses because his mother thinks they suit him, despite the fact that they're prescription lenses, and he really doesn't need them... (note: while I use present tense here, this may be out-dated information since I've not seen him since the new year's day). Gives him headaches and stuff...

Then there was his sister, Lil (and this is where it gets to be a Jamie Remembers Kids episode)... She was nice enough, except that every now and again she turned into a scary witch who hated me.. But apart from that, y'know, she was nice and friendly. However, every now and again when I'd be hugging Jen, or holding her hand or something, Lil would give me evils - she got really really jealous and stuff. She'd tell Jen "I love you like my mommy" which kinda scared her.. heh...

And then there was Garrett, who really didn't get on well with Dash. At one point we were out playing soccer and generally just fooling around at a park with them, and they got into a massive fight... We resolved it by carrying them on our backs and having a pretend piggy-back fight, which seemed to settle their blood-lust, but meant nobody actually got hurt.

And Kait.. What to say about Kait... She was mostly cool, actually, although she wouldn't leave us alone for a second if she could help it - it got kinda irritating... But she was nice enough, except for all the times she tried to get naked at me (suggesting skinny dipping, and 'accidentally' falling out of her bathing suit, and demanding to play Strip Uno (which Jen lost anyway, ha ha))...

Then there was Sam... Aww, little Sam... He must be getting on for like three now or something... The first time I was over there, he was just a baby / young toddler, who couldn't really speak or anything. That being said, he knew how to operate the TV, so he was quite smart - this one time we were sat there watching it, he waddled over, turned it off, and came back again... All this before he could say anything - impressive. Then when I went over there at Christmas, he was able to talk a bit - he kept talking about "kitty!!", and chasing the cat everywhere. Then when it would inevitably get annoyed at him and lunge at him, whether it got him or not he'd say "oww!!"

One time, we gave Sam a bath.. He was so cute splashing in the water and stuff... Seriously, he was like the most adorable baby ever... Pictures here, here and here... Gah, now I've gone all broody... Am in "must have kids" mode. Will try to snap out of it - that's not for another few years yet... *sigh*

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I can seeeeee you ......



*evil eyes*

I can see you too. Hi!



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