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"He was a boy, she was a girl
Can I make it any more obvious?"

Well, you sure as hell couldn't make it any more juvenile.
Go read it here... It's very amusing. The writer does admit to liking a few of the songs, and it's merely her attitude that annoys him/her (which is how it is with me). I still maintain that there are some really good guitar bits in some of the songs, and that it's overall not that bad. But she's kinda silly ;o)

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screaming infidelities just came on... and i kinda got this flood of reading memories of the dashboard show... *sigh*

Gah, that song still makes me sortofcry....

But I know what you mean - No Use yesterday just reminded me of Reading... I kept comparing every single thing... Like how close I was, how old the average people were there, how good the sound was.. I really miss Reading :o\

shit, man, i know... i was just talking to ben about it and he says everything seems to remind him of reading...

and the fish will be the same...

and if i listen to this song anymore i will cry. and i don't really want to, if only because then i will have completely fulfilled the emo cliche. heh...

readingreadingreadinginmyhead. only 11 months...

Hmm... I guess I don't miss it quite that much... I can see my friends lots anyway (moreso at Uni, granted), and I see live bands quite a bit.... It's the camping I miss more than most...

ohh, that looked wrong. reading isn't making me cry, just the song. because it's a sad song.

damn carabba.

and you *could* go camping... if you wanted to :P

Wouldn't really be the same unless I took a few thousand strangers with me, gave them all a shit-load of drugs, and kept them entertained every night so that they were happy...

Last time I went camping there were bears, and skunks, and chipmunks, and potential rapists. Funfun... :o\

i like that song.
but its one of the songs that my dance team teacher makes us do the warm-up routine to ( crunches, the pain). the bitch ruins a lot of good songs that way.
i feel like the journal comment fairy today.

complicated is annoying though.

::applauds:: well said! my sentiments exactly.

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