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We burned it over a candle, as if it would make it go away. But still it lurks in every single shadow, waiting for me to fall asleep.

So, I'm home from work... Fun fun.... Had a nap, and had this fantastic dream where there was a rock festival down in Brighton, and my house was near enough that we could see it all from my window.. And everybody from Manchester was there, which was a lot cooler than the way it currently is (I so know the wrong people in Brighton...)

I have so many plans.. My mother has decided that my plan to hand out cards saying nice things will just scare people - damnit. Well the plan is, get some small cards (not much larger than business cards), and just handwrite things on like "Just wanted to say you're beautiful" and stuff on them. Then hand them to strangers and wander off, and hopefully leave people feeling a bit happy....

Poll #57424 Do you think they do?

Will it scare people in general?

Yes, everyone
Yes, but only a few people - you should still do it

Would it scare YOU?



I dunno why I've gone off on some idealistic tangent lately.. My life is really changing a lot these days, and I guess I just like the idea of making people happy...

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One word of warning/advice...

Don't let making people happy become your life.. it isn't good. Trust me.

By all means try it and be good at it.. just remember to think about your own happiness from time to time :-)

I do. It would make me happy to put smiles on peoples' faces for five minutes a day. I'm hardly about to leap into some mission :o)

Thats good. Just don't want you ending up like me.

That makes two of us ;oP

I doubt its possible to make people happy, they are never grateful for what they've got etc as they are greedy, like I imagine you know. Just yeah.. maybe you are wasting your time. It's not going to happen, :-/

Perhaps not, but it's always worth trying.

"Live life like you're about to die"

Maybe I won't make anybody happy. But if somebody smiles, then that's enough...

bwahaha yesh but i'm just a cynic :P

and yesh granted your hearts in the right place ;) which is very nice to see :)

"Live life like you're about to die"

in that case, shouldn't you be putting your estate into order? ;)

what do i get then? :)


actually, given what a somewhat-sadistic bastard you can be, probably your Blink 182 CDs so you can torture me from beyond the grave ;)

well, i'm out of ideas...

I'd think it was a flyer, and not take it.
Or if I did, I'd be annoyed by the subtle advertising techniques.

Ah, good point - I'd have to make it very un-flyer like....

And hand them out in un-flyer-y places

This I can do - I was thinking of just wandering around shops, and the beach, and stuff....

Good plan. Are you going to make gender-specific cards? Starting a fight with someone's bf would probaly beat the altruism out of you.

Hi again btw.

I was thinking of only giving them to girls who aren't walking with a guy, and then running very fast away....... :o)

It'll make a good story for them, if nothing else. It'd make me smile.

But you could be missing out on half the fun by running away and not seeing their reactions.

I dunno, their reaction might be to laugh in my face or something. Better to just walk away, and tell myself that it made them smile...

Hey, someone is smiling even as they laugh in your face. Although maybe not in that good way.

No, and it might not help me much....

so much for the altruism

Well if being altruistic is going to get me laughed at to the point of total destruction of my confidence, then I think the cost is a little high....

Fair enough. Seems like a well thought out plan. But if you go for Big gestures to make humankind fel better there'll always be the risk of humankind laughing in your face and telling you to fuck off. We are nice like that.

Would like to point out that you claim to care very little for other people's opinions of you, as of today. (apologies for smug, obnoxious observation)

While it's true that other peoples' opinion don't matter too much, that's because they typically keep them to themselves. I'll dance around in the street because all I'll get are funny looks. If doing that made people come up to me and specifically laugh in my face, I'd probably reconsider doing it.

Plus, I don't want to feel like humanity is crap. I'm going to be going out of my way to do this thing which I think is a good thing, and if it turns out that people are just laughing at my attempts to be nice, then that'll leave me with the impression that humanity sucks just as much as I already kinda thought it did.

Heh, despite saying that it'd scare paranoid/anti-social people, it probably depends more on a person's mood... like, if I was in a state of hating everyone... I'd hope for your death if you handed it to me, but if I wasn't, I'd probably smile, and be somewhat happy that someone was kind enough to try and cheer everyone up... as if I saw hope in people cause of that... But hey, that's just me...

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