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Talking to myself

10:25 Home
11:17 Leamington
11:57 Leamington
14:00 Sheffield
14:10 Sheffield
15:02 Manchester


10:01 Home
10:46 Marylebone
11:55 Euston
14:36 Manchester

So, have to pick a route... I either go the cheaper way, which gets me stuck in Leamington Spa for forty minutes (actually, I really love that station for some reason, so it's no big deal), or I go for the one which will get me there via London, which is always fun to go to, but more expensive... Both journeys are more or less the same length anyway.... I guess I should think about how I'd get back too - travelling home on Sunday will be easier if I can go via London, so perhaps the second option is better for me....

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What's wrong Lili, scared of what I might do to you? ;o)

Also, another good case for the second route is I might come to meet you for 10 minutes while you're in Sheffield station... I'd do that to you, and you'd deserve it.

If I thought you'd really bother, I'd probably come up to Sheffield just for the sake of seeing you. But you have work, and a complete apathy complex, so..... :oP

On a Sunday? Anyway if it was a weekday I'm not being paid and would actually make the effort considering I haven't seen you in person in 3 years. Not that that's a bad thing... dammit... how can I make it look like I don't really care... um... I hate you. Hah.

Well those times are for my trip tomorrow... So I could easily stop in Sheffield a bit longer, if you want

In fact, there's another train that leaves Sheffield an hour later, so I could always catch that, and you and I could meet up and ignore each other for an hour, and trade the odd sarcastic comment. Because we hate each other. Yup.

That could be most entertaining :)

(BTW this is the *latest* I will ever work in my entire life. This you can count on.)

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