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Reading Festival 2002
I don't expect anybody to read this completely - it's gonna be long....

So... Girls... What are they all about, eh? I kissed eight people in three days. I would like to now break from my own writing, and hand over to a text from Jimbo:
8!!! U FUCKER! i did notice the way u said people though - how many men are in that 8? either way ur a BASTARD!
Well anyway, since this is currently my 'cool thing', I'll go through the weekend in chronological order of how things went. No band information here - that comes later. Must concentrate on the two things differently...

So, arrived Thursday afternoon. We eventually found the others right near the arena, where they'd saved a really good spot (well, it was good until the tossers moved in next door). Fi was there already - she's cool, I really like her. But don't let her hear that. Danuek and Sarah were also there. So anyway, Shanu and I pitched the tent, and we did it well, because he did most of it... Had he left me to do it, we might have seen a different story completely. We spent most of the day meeting people Shanu knows, as I recall... We saw Petra and Rob (who is such a cool guy), and chatted to them for a bit. Then we met Holly, and two friends whose names I forget, but they were both hot so that's okay. Despite my protestations, Shanu did not invite them over to our tent for drinks at any point. Bah!

Then the evening came, at which point the vodka came out. Keen readers will note that I took two bottles of alcohol with me - Vodka, and Raspberry Liqueur (half-strength raspberry brandy). Thursday night's plan was to fill a glass with vodka, add a dash of raspberry, and down it. This I did about four times, until I was well and truly FUCKED. Best way to start a festival. From this point, events may make little or no sense, since I have no idea what order things happened in.

The first noteworthy thing was a visit from Alex, Tom and Martyn. I think I told Martyn that I love him repeatedly, but that's okay, because I do.... The three of you rock, and I'm only sorry that you didn't come visit more. Sadly, I had to leave at intervals to stand by the bushes, because I was worried that my third of a bottle of vodka on an empty stomach would make me throw up. But it didn't - yay! While in the bushes, I met some random girl. She came up to me and said something like "Hi, I'm on pills, I don't know what I'm doing, but my boyfriend told me to collect firewood". I then started hitting on her, telling her that if her boyfriend made her do that, he can't have been very good... Or something.. I dunno, I was pissed.... I then sent some texts to people, including Rach (apparently I 'jove' her (sic), and complained to everybody that I was going to text her because I love her and she doesn't love me - man I get emo when I'm pissed...)

Anyway, what else... Oh yeah, spoke to Stu a bit - he was camping in our little group, Fi knows him. He flirted with me a bit, which was fun - he's cool. And yummy. But a bit old for me *grins*. And I quote Fi:
he thought you seemed miffed by his centre of attention'ness, i told him nah
Heh, I actually come across like I have to be the centre of attention or something... That's kinda cool, I never used to be like that. I know it's hardly the most attractive quality, but still, it's nice to know that I'm not terminally shy like I used to be. Then Shanu brought some girls he knew to see us - Gemma and Alex. They moved their tent near to ours - it was this pathetic little orange sheet on a couple of poles, and was highly amusing to everybody who saw it.

And then Nikki came to see us (who, I should point out, is fucking gorgeous)... She brought James along too, but I didn't realise it was him, and started molesting her. Nothing too bad - I've had conflicting reports of what happened, but certainly a degree of hugging and tickling was involved. Then I found out who the guy with her was, and it was like "Argh, oops!" But he's actually really cool - as evidenced by the fact that he didn't kill me ;o) Anyway, she SO needs to camp with us next year, because we need a bigger amp camp :o)

At some point, Spidrak turned up too, and thus our amp camp was complete. Me, Shanu, Spidrak, Danuek, Fi. And at some point, I tried to kiss Danuek for a laugh, but he pulled away and wouldn't let me - the bastard!! Anyhow, we all hung out some more... Gemma and I went off somewhere (not quite sure where, I was drunk), and when we came back Alex had gone to bed in her rather poor excuse for a tent. I invited the two of them to stay with Shanu and myself instead, since their tent was going to get kicked in and stuff. So they moved all their stuff in with us, and damn it was a tight fit. Then again, Alex was damned hot, and I can think of worse people to share a tent with ;o)

Anyhow, we all went to bed, and slept as best we could (I was only asleep from 5-7, mind). Then Gemma and I woke up, and I may have kinda pulled her. Which, for reasons that will not be entered into here, was quite the wrong thing for me to do. Cue massive guilt trip. (Kiss Tally: 1) Anyhow, then it was time to see music, but the organisers were crap, and we couldn't get into the place in time to see Finch. In the queue, however, I saw Adam (as in, who does AI with me at Uni), which was cool. Caught up a bit - he did better than me in his exams, obviously. 'twas cool to see him again, and I now have his mobile number (hooray)...

When it became obvious that we were never gonna get into the arena in time to see Finch, Shanu and I instead opted to go into Reading and get some lunch. We stopped off at a fantastic little pub, and got cooked dinners. It was SO good to eat properly after the drinking the night before. Then we bought water and coke, which was a good plan...

Anyway, then came music - see later for details of those, I'm trying to separate out the gig reports and the crap (i.e., this). Then it was back to the camp site when it started raining, but I don't think much happened - it's hard to remember exactly, but I certainly did not drink... :o) And thus ends another day. Saturday... Well, Rach arrived in the morning, so I went to find her (harder than it would appear). Finally met her and Ben - he's a damned cool guy. Then we went to see music together, hooray. Jesse James and Lightyear... Then we went to get alcohol (which was heavy) from an off-license, and came back for them to drink it (I was still sober - couldn't handle drink after Thursday).

Anyhow, after drinkage, it was time for Dashboard, so we went to see that. Caught the end of Thursday too... After Dashboard (where yes, I cried twice, you fuckers) I needed to be emo alone for a while, so I went back to the tent. Alex was there, and we had a big long conversation. Sounds dramatic perhaps, but she totally restored my faith in humanity, which is no easy thing. We just lay there for hours talking about stuff - people, emotions, the futility of being, what fuckups people can be, how our lives were shite... Heh...

But yeah, that just cheered me up - it reassures me that no matter how pretty people are, they can be down to earth and stuff. I guess I just have issues with superficiality and stuff... It's always nice to see 'popular' and 'trendy' people thinking in much the same way that I do... Anyhow, after that, I went off back to see more music, yay. Saw Saves the Day, during which I protected this cute girl in front of me from getting beaten up lots by the crowd... At the end of the gig, she turned around, and gave me a rather nice long kiss. See, being nice to people is good (Kiss Tally: 2). After No Use For A Name, I met OtterAlex (it's an amp-ism)... As in, the Alex what I live with. So yeah, OtterAlex was there with Caroline and her parents, which was good. Or something....

Anyway, so we get around to Sunday. Spent the afternoon hanging out with Alex (hot random Alex, that is) in the tent... She was, uh, kinda naked (well, topless)... Talk about ways to get sexually frustrated, I mean jeez... But she looked, uh, really good. Let's not get into this, eh?

Anyway, then met up with Rach for Reel Big Fish (and saw OtterAlex briefly too), who were good - ska rules. I started getting the shit beaten out of me by the assholes behind me, so I moved back away a bit... Saw Petra and Rob in the crowd, and then found myself in a circle pit. Since Rach had my phone, I had nothing in my pockets to lose, so I just dived straight in, and had a great time just getting thrown around for a bit. Then I finally left and got a drink, because I was dying. Met up with Nikki and James, although I didn't recognise Nikki at first (yes, I do feel shame for this). Which was nice :o)

Then I met up with Bungey, Fi, Rach and Ben... Went to see NOFX, and then went back to Ben's to get stoned. Given that it was the first time I had EVER smoked ANYTHING in my life, I like to think I did rather well. Got nicely out of it, didn't cough at all, and did it all properly - go me. We then went back to my tent, where we met up with.. other people.. I forget who now. Hung out there for a bit, and I got started on the vodka again. We were joined by Shanu, and everybody started their drinking.

At some point, Rachel decided that she could beat me up or something. So she then proceeded to TOTALLY get her ass kicked by me, as I demonstrated just how WEAK she was. At some point I ended up kissing her, although I can't think of the specific reason, other than that I want her like crazy, I mean (Kiss Tally: 3)... I blame the sexual frustration, really - otherwise, y'know, I'd probably not have bothered. Anyway, this signalled time for her and Ben to go 'get some more drinks' for a few hours, so the rest of us carried on drinking.

Danuek then FINALLY decided that I should kiss him, if only to shut me up about it. So I damned well did (Kiss Tally: 4). That'll bloody well teach him! And after that, Sarah decided to get something out of her system, and reasoned that if he could kiss me, then she could. So I kissed Sarah, while Danuek looked on and everything (Kiss Tally: 5). I then decided to turn it into a little game, so I went over and kissed Shanu (Kiss Tally: 6), and when he came back I kissed Spidrak too (Kiss Tally: 7). Then the others kissed each other and stuff, it was all just a massive snogfest. And, y'know, this was proper kissing - tongues and everything, you understand...

I corrupted amp. Can I just say how very amusing that is to me? Teh Unkown Jaems, utter amp-newbie, manages to corrupt a load of its members just by being a SLUT. This is very cool :o)

Anyhow, then it occurred to me that we should get amp points for this, so I asked Jess how much it was worth - her response was a rather unhelpful:
If you don't stop harassing me I'm going to get your number barred, how many points is that?
So I'm still not sure what the exact number is. Probably lots. Especially since I was the first guy that Shanu or Danuek ever kissed (dunno about Spidrak, never asked). That has to be bonus points to me for corrupting them, right?

At this point, I would like to re-register my annoyance at the fact that (the totally beautiful) Nikki wasn't there to play. It would have been, uh, nice to have an excuse to kiss her. She could've brought James and all, and I could've added TWO more people to my lits, but... oh well... maybe next year *sigh* ;o)

So, drunk, and having a great time, we're just sat there talking and stuff, and this random girl called Sophia came up... She was so blatantly off her head on pills and booze, but still... We convinced her to play our game, so she kissed us all (Kiss Tally: 8), which was fun - she was yummy, and had a VERY short skirt. The significance of which is that she said that her short skirt would get a two-for-one deal on the bungee jumping, so I threw money at Danuek until he did it. Had some of Sophia's poppers (wow, pot, alcohol and poppers all in one day - could I be any more 15?), which was fun. Head rush, woo :o)

So yeah, after a lot of effort in getting them there, we finally got Sophia and Danuek to bungee jump together - that was cool... I took photos of them, I DESPERATELY hope those come out... Then we left Sophia behind and went back to the campsite... Spoke to Sarah for a while, then discovered that Rach had left her phone with me, and her sister was trying to call her. So I spoke to her sister for a bit - she seemed really nice and stuff. Sent a text to Ben asking that they stop 'getting more drinks' so that Rach could come find her sister and stuff. Half an hour or so later (after much worry that something had happened to her on the way), she turned up (having been lost) and all was well in the world again. We had a chat, things are good... Well, I think so...

So then we met up with Jem (Rach's sister), who was very nice and stuff (even if she did like Slipknot ;o)... The two of them went back to their hotel, and I went back to the tent to sleep. And thus ends that day. Today was boring - woke up, packed up, sat in the car for three hours, finally left, got home, etc. Final kiss lits: Gemma, Random Girl, Rachel, Danuek, Sarah, Shanu, Spidrak, Sophia... So anyway, that's the fun side of Reading - now for the band reviews... :o)

And now for Part II, the bands.

The first band I saw was Fenix TX, towards the end of their set. I didn't hear that much, since I was at the edge of the tent, but what I heard I really liked - pop punk is so good, and their vocals were really excellent. After them, I went to the main stage with Shanu and saw some Mercury Rev... Wasn't bad - very chilled, and good to just sit on the grass and listen to. Would've been cool if Jimbo had been there, he would have liked it...

After Mercury Rev, the Dandy Warhols came on... I must admit to only knowing Bohemian Like You, and I think I fell asleep for part of the set, but they were still good. Singing along was fuuun :o) Then it was time for me to go back to the evening session tent, where I caught the very end of.. uh.. guided by voices? Not sure.. Whoever it was, they were on immediately before A New Found Glory, but their fans didn't hang around, so I actually got to be right at the front (touching the barrier at one point). But then NFG came on, and though they rocked, I was getting beaten up, and didn't want to lose my phone, so I left...

Anyway, then it was time for Weezer, who I didn't really like that much - I often joke that every song on the Weezer tribute album is better than the originals.. Well anyway, that opinion has been well and truly changed - Rivers Cuomo f'ing rocks, and they played such a great set... There were the obvious songs that I knew (Buddy Holly, the Sweater Song), then there were a few I've heard in indie clubs in Brighton, and then there was some stuff that was totally new to me, and it all rocked. They were totally the highlight of the Friday, I think...

After Weezer came Jane's Addiction, who I had never before heard of - they were okay, kinda cool, but I didn't stick around long enough to get a good idea on account of the rain. So overall, the Friday was good - Weezer rocked, and the others weren't bad. Shame I missed Finch though...

So, Saturday... Otherwise known as Concrete Jungle Day... First band I saw were Jesse James and they were SO damned good... I danced my ass off, and managed to propel myself up to near the front, and it was all good. And after them came Lightyear, whose set I can barely remember, but I seem to recall enjoying it... :o)

Then it was Less Than Jake time on the main stage, and they rocked too.. They played Gainesville Rock City, which is such a good song (and oh yes, I can play it, woo), and just were generally really damned cool. Shame it was the main stage though, since we were quite far back. Then we went back and saw the end of Thursday's set - they basically said at the end that if people can't afford to buy their albums, then just download them off the 'net - I like bands like that. They rock, because they understand that it's all about the music :o)

Then it was Dashboard time. I wanted to throw something at him just so that I could say I did, but when he came out, any violence towards him evaporated - I forgot how damned cool that guy is. I keep thinking of him as being really emo, when he's totally not - he's all tattoo'd, and strong, and cute, and one of the best singers like ever. So that's okay... The set started off with Saints and Sailors, and then went through Screaming Infidelities (which made me cry a bit), and Again I Go Unnoticed (again, weeping)... I dunno, I get really worked up by music sometimes - in the past I've cried at Lifehouse, and Live, and other bands too...

So yeah, Dashboard was perhaps the best act I saw all weekend... The next band I saw/heard was Ash, from a great distance, but I heard Burn Baby Burn, Shining Light and A Life Less Ordinary, which was so cool. I was pretty far away, but the songs were still awesome, I love Ash... Then I saw Face To Face, who were okay - they took the piss out of Saves the Day which was fun... Then they left, and all their fans left too, and so I got to the front of the place. Without a wallet or phone on me, I was able to dance how I liked without worrying about losing anything, hooray :o)

Funnily enough, they set up their own instruments, and I seemed to be the only person who noticed that it was Chris Conley doing half the sound-check stuff... Clearly I was surrounded by people who weren't fans. Anyway, they started their set, with Chris on the guitar, and they fucking ruled. They started off with Cars and Calories, then went into Sell My Old Clothes (my favourite StD song, and the one I was really pissed off that they didn't play last time I saw them). All is forgiven after their poor performance at the LA2 a few months ago - they were AMAZING... I like them again now :o)

After Saves the Day, all the emo kids left the area, and I got to stand right at the front (barrier and everything) for No Use For a Name. And oh my God, they ruled... I hope they put the pictures they took of us on their website or something - I was stood right at the front screaming my poor punk/emo lungs out... Anyhow, they opened with Not Your Saviour, followed by On The Outside, and I took lots of front row pictures of them, because they were just so damned cool :o)

And after them, it was Sick Of It All. But I didn't fancy being stood at the front for that, so I left just as No Use were finishing. And from the adjacent tent I heard a familiar "woah", which was the sound of Jimmy Eat World playing Sweetness. So I went and listened to that, which was really cool, despite the fact that I was really far back and everything... And that concludes Saturday, which was SO good...

Only saw two bands on Sunday - Reel Big Fish with Rach, who were good, and I danced in a circle pit, and NOFX. And NOFX rocked - 'Idiot Son of an Asshole' is such a good song, and then ended the gig with Theme From A NOFX Album, which was FANTASTIC... I called Ed during those two songs so he could hear them down the phone, because they were just so good...

I was meant to go to Easyworld after that, but I'd just seen such a good live show, and I didn't know much Easyworld stuff (like, any at all), so I figured I'd just end my festival with NOFX instead... Which was good. Then back at the tents later, I heard the whole Offspring set (like I've said, we were really close to the arena), which was fantastic. If I'd been there, I expect the crowds would have kept me from getting anywhere near, so I was no worse off at the tents. Sang along to a load of songs, because the Offspring rock so much... That was a great way to end the music side to the whole thing.

So yeah, overall, it was soooo good :o)

And THAT is why Reading Festival RULES!! :o)

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I read all of that, and laughed a lot.

I shall come next year to be added to yuor lits!

I dunno, that would make me a pedo ;o)


"The first noteworthy thing was a visit from Alex, Tom and Martyn...The three of you rock, and I'm only sorry that you didn't come visit more"

We would've, but it was so much effort actually going to people's tents and finding them not there, and txts were so unreliable... And you're an emofag ;)

Actually, the mosh i found worst out of the whole weekend (including alec empire & slipknot) was jimmy eat world. You cardigan people are surprisingly hardcore ;)

i didnt read all of that. but i laughed at the first couple of sentences.

you LUCKY BASTARED! (+also for being there)

Wow. 5 days without masturbation really gets to you eh?

Anyway, then met up with Rach for Reel Big Fish...ska rules.

Hmmmm, pity you didn't see any. Reel Big Fish are totally not ska anymore.

Heh, you don't wanna know how many labels I removed from bottles over the weekend, it's quite shocking :o)

And they were ska when I saw them.....

Especially since I was the first guy that Shanu or Danuek ever kissed (dunno about Spidrak, never asked). That has to be bonus points to me for corrupting them, right?

You didn't corrupt me. :P I've just never actually met guys I wanted to get off with. You guys qualified due to being amp'ers. ;)


Whereas I'm quite capable of initiating oral contact with just about anyone? ;o)

and hey, i corrupted you. so its all my fault :p

heh, Sunday night we were prevented going to our Campsite by a gas leak, and I nearly dragged the EasyCampers I was with to come see you all, but we decided to sit outside the arena, listen to the Offspring and drink :-)



Gah! So close, and yet so far....

I'll get you yet ;o)

I just told Carly that you saw NOFX...

i'm blonde, what's your excuse?! says:
tell im
i'm blonde, what's your excuse?! says:
carly says youre a whore, a nofx nazi

Well tell her she's an Aussie bint, and that Fat Mike 0wns ;o)

NFG...and though they rocked

Correction: and though they "bounced". Cos that's all NFG do...

I often joke that every song on the Weezer tribute album is better than the originals..

Hilarious. What's funnier is Kris Roe's attempts at covering Butterfly. Those weezer tribute albums piss me off, they're so shit. The classical weezer album is better...

and they played such a great set...

Poor naive Jamie. Playing Hash Pipe and Don't Let Go (ffs!) instead of Across The Sea, El Scorcho, or Tired Of Sex equals a SHITTY set by weezer's standards. They've recently been playing anything and everything on the the Enlightenment tour (all of Pinkerton, all but TWHTALMH from Blue), and so to come over to England and play what they did is kinda taking the piss.

Buy Pinkerton, listen and fall in love with that, and then get annoyed at not having heard Falling For You live, like the rest of us.

Jane's Addiction, who I had never before heard of

Lol. Sorry, that's just funny.

but when he came out, any violence towards him evaporated

You pussy and complete fool! All you have to do let your mobile phone ring and dashboard would get pissed off and throw u out. Throwing something at him would have been both wicked and memorable.

(which made me cry a bit), and Again I Go Unnoticed (again, weeping)...

Ok, I listen to Glassjaw and you cry at Dashboard? You are sooooo emo boy now. Not me.

Also, you're brother has to fight you now, cos of his great emokid challenge.

Then I saw Face To Face, who were okay

WHA!? U thought Fenix TX and NFG were good but Face To Face were okay? Do you know anything about pop punk? Disconnected is about a zillion times better than anything NFG have ever written, and having seen NFG and Face To Face twice, it's obvious that Face to Face are a superior live act. I would have thought that with your love of NOFX and NUFAN face to face would appeal more than NFG...

with Chris on the guitar

What does he play? *fingers crossed for gibson SG*

I was really pissed off that they didn't play last time I saw them

Yeh, I wanted to hear some b-sides at the Manchester gig in May. I think I shouted Drag In Db 60

Btw, did u get an solo acoustic interlude with Chris?

all the emo kids left the area, and I got to stand right at the front

But I thought you left the area. Hahah!

Hilarious. What's funnier is Kris Roe's attempts at covering Butterfly. Those weezer tribute albums piss me off, they're so shit. The classical weezer album is better...

Ataris play Butterfly better than Weezer, because Rivers forgot how to sing when they recorded that :oP

Poor naive Jamie

*yawn* I don't care, I enjoyed what they played, that's all I was looking for from them.

You pussy and complete fool! All you have to do let your mobile phone ring and dashboard would get pissed off and throw u out. Throwing something at him would have been both wicked and memorable.

I know, I REALLY wanted to find SOMETHING to throw at him, just so that I could say that I did. But he's a LOT bigger than me, and kinda cool, so....

(but still, it'd be the best thing to tell people "Yeah, I whacked Dashboard around the head with a shoe in his first UK gig" - hardcore ;o)

Ok, I listen to Glassjaw and you cry at Dashboard? You are sooooo emo boy now. Not me.

Not really - I cry at lots of songs, it's because of their significance, rather than how emo the songs are. I cry at certain hard rock songs too. It's called being in touch with your inner wuss :oP

WHA!? U thought Fenix TX and NFG were good but Face To Face were okay?

Yes. Because that's all they were - okay.

What does he play? *fingers crossed for gibson SG*

I think it may have been a LP or something, but I really don't remember... Fairly sure it wasn't an SG, but don't hold me to that...

Btw, did u get an solo acoustic interlude with Chris?

Not to my recollection - when would that have been?

But I thought you left the area. Hahah!

You so funny Paul :oP

I mean the actual emo kids - the 12 year olds with back packs who would have died several times over had they stayed for No Use... :o)

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