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Ugh... Change of plan - we're driving to Reading. Because we realised that the buses take about two and a half hours or something, and that's BEFORE traffic.

Plus, my village is perfect for driving to Reading - I've done it before and barely seen a single car, because we drive down roads that practically don't exist.

Chinnor -> Christmas Common -> Nettlebed -> Highmoor Cross ->
Peppard Common -> Sonning Common -> Emmer Green -> Caversham

And then we cross the Thames and we're into Reading... Should be fine until we get to about Caversham, because the route is so obscure... Plus, we can probably go buy a shitload of extra stuff since we no longer have to worry about carrying everything. And hopefully we'll be there before the bus would've got us there....

Fun fun :o)

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Ah, I know the route very well. :) especially the part between Nettlebed and Caversham. Dead easy. Enjoy Reading, I'll be enjoying Leeds.

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