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I am so damned excited about Reading... Not really for the bands, as it goes - I mean sure, that's going to rule, but that's nothing new. Most of my excitement, for some sad reason, is as a result of the Amp Camp. Now does anybody have a list of who's going to be there? I know me and Shanu are there for the whole weekend, Spidrak, Danuek, Sarah too... Who else? Hit me with a list :o)

Speaking of lists, here's what I'm looking forward to:

Pulp (Main Stage)
Feeder (Evening Session)
Fenix TX (Evening Session)
Finch (Evening Session)

Muse (Main Stage)
Ash (Main Stage)
A (Main Stage)
Less than Jake (Main Stage)
Jimmy Eat World (Evening Session)
Sick of it All (Concrete Jungle)
Saves the Day (Concrete Jungle)
No Use for a Name (Concrete Jungle)
Dashboard (Concrete Jungle)

Offspring (Main Stage)
NOFX (Main Stage)
Puddle of Mudd (Main Stage)
Hundred Reasons (Main Stage)
Reel Big Fish (Evening Session)

Bands that I simply have to see are in Bold, those I've seen before are in Italics... You get the idea....

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Yeah, not like I'm jealous or anything...


I'll sell you my ticket for £400 ;o)

But then if I bought the ticket I wouldn't be able to afford to get to Reading, which would make it pointless.

But I would be £400 up on the deal, so all is good... Right?

It took a while to find a flaw in your plan - but I've managed against the odds: I don't have £400.

Damn - otherwise, you have to agree, the plan had promise....

Aha, yeah. The promise to lose me a lot of money, I think.

At which point did I suggest that I care about *your* financial situation? ;o)

The point where you wanted £400 out of me?

find out today if i have tickets to go to leeds on the friday!! GUNS N ROSES!!! - ok, so it may only be an Axl Rose all-stars these days, but it'll be hit city.

I'm so not impressed that they're only playing Leeds.... I'd have loved to see that :o\

does seem a bit unfair.

oh and you should also check out Jetplane Landing. They're Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.

Will do...

You mind explaining why you're not playing? Cos you really should be....

maybe we should, but heck there's always next year. I know we were put forward for it, but they obviously felt that the likes of Hoggboy and The Music were better bets.

The Music... pfft... Oh well, next year it is, then :o)

exactly my thoughts!

very funny interview with them on Teletext the other day, they got very abusive when a Planet Sound reader called them a "lame Stone Roses karaoke" ;D

mmm. i second this.

they awesome at the Electric Ballroom. and now I know the songs :D

you went to the ballroom gig? That was one good night that was.

yep :) third in the queue, centre barrier the entire gig. best night of my life :D

good for you. shame we had to bloody come on at the same time the doors opened. Ah well.

yes... that was poorly planned. all the kids around me thought you were roadies :-/

hahaha - that's funny. since when do roadies dress up all in black and play for half an hour.

well... they did get a bit confused when you started actually playing the instruments ;)

I'm going to Reading! Even though it is only down the road, it will rock. I think the line up is 50 millions times better than last year. Squeak. Why don;t you wanna see the Foos? They should really be on your list. Because I say so. I am the queen.
[I'm not one bit excited either. Honest.]

Dave Grohl is looking really rough these days (or was when I last saw him) - I don't think I want to see them, in case he's looking bad on stage. I want him to look like he does in the Learn To Fly video, dammit...

I take it you're not camping then... Do you actually live in Reading, or one of the villages?

I live in Tilehurst, which is the nearest you can get practically. I'm camping, but probably going home every morning to wash.

Well if you wanna give me your number I can come make a fool of myself at you randomly if you like :o)

You have taste.
That is all :)

I can irritatingly now justify actually going, too late.

Fenix Tx put's on a good show... nice guys they are indeed. I envy you.

i think thats pretty much the list, plus some of Spidrak's friends and Fi and some of her friends...

We must have much drinking fun. What alcohol are you taking Danuek?

1 litre of vodka to share with sarah intially. if/when that runs out, erm, whatever i can afford ;)

Heh... I will also have vodka. Woo! :o)

Like whoa. Wait a minute. What the hell did I do wrong? You were all sweet to me before. Or were you just wanting to soak up my attention towards you. Apparently you know you're hot, or you wouldn't posting your self all over your Live Journal. Concieted? Or maybe my openess about your music. Ummm, just trying to help. Or the lie about me being cute. "Uhhh, hmmmm, maybe I should be nice and say"You're cute :o)."" yo man, I'm cute. People tell me all the time, and then some people think I'm ugly. And I don't really give a shit. But on the other hand you come up with a sob story about people telling or commenting that your not attractive, so that everyone will gravel at your feet.
Boo-Hoo. Who gives a shit what you think. As for your last statement...."You hope." Actually I could give a fuck if I talk to you again. You have a girlfriend, which obviously cares about you. But then on the other hand you have girls swarming over you. And you're being the dumdass who's like " I will look good someday." Oh rant over me, tell me I'm beautiful. You're probably gay. Yeah that would make sense. Grow up, and stop the infatuation. It's utterly DISGUSTING!! I want to vomit on you. Nichole

Re: Love to Love ya!

oooh! jamie! run! your army is revolting against you!!


Re: Love to Love ya!

Heh, what can I say, they're a fickle lot ;o)

Re: Love to Love ya!

they'd have to be to follow you in the first place ;P

Re: Love to Love ya!


Wow, insecure some? I was tired. I was just off to bed when you IM'd me, and that's why I wasn't all "WOW, I'M SO PLEASED TO SEE YOU!!!". Chill, jeez...

You're probably gay

You say it like I care. At what point did being gay turn into an insult? And why would it matter if I was?

I think you might need help....

LOL... Nope. No help needed here. I'm not insecure either. Just a little ticked off. But it doesn't matter. You're just another random person I shall meet in this fucked up world. I just didn't appreciate the last words you spoke to me thats all.

Re: Love to Love ya!

Come off it, it was hardly insulting - you should've read the other conversation I was having at the time - it basically resulted in me telling somebody that he was an irritating little shit and I never wanted to speak to him again... :o)

So now I supposed to feel special? Why can't we get along?

Re: Love to Love ya!

I dunno, you seem to be taking all of this awfully seriously...

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