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I have been reminded that....
I love just flipping over backwards. Obviously not aerial acrobatics style. Just sitting down, then rolling over backwards into a standing position. 'tis fun :o)

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Forwards is more fun.

I thinks you will find that rolling forward is much more fun than rolling forwards, try it, u might like it.

Re: Forwards is more fun.

Tony, that makes SO little sense :o)

Re: Forwards is more fun.

What makes you think it's Tony? :o)

Re: Forwards is more fun.

I can just tell by the way Tony types, slight inconsistancys in grammar that are unique to him

Re: Forwards is more fun.

LOL! Nope, it wasn't me.


Re: Forwards is more fun.

then I am mildly worried :o)

why don't you get a journal Tony?

Re: Forwards is more fun.

Who would care? ;o)

I'd imagine this sort of behavour requires an ammount of space. Tell me - have yu ever damaged anything, anyone or (indeed) yourself doing these acts?

Not yet, but when I do, I'll send pictures to everybody...

That will be great. Nothing beats photographic evidence. Especially in odd positions.

I did this really cool thing where my legs went in funny directions..... But that's another matter.

I think that's better left unsaid.

Are we still talking about flipping over backwards or did I miss a few posts?

Flipping over backwards???

Oh, right. Yes. Of course we are.....

*nervous look*

Re: Interesting...

Look, there's no need be feel ashamed.

Millions of blokes have tried it before you.

It's no accident that it's not *quite* long enough. After all, if it were then there'd be no
need for women and Homo Sapiens would disappear

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