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Heh.. I finally snapped, and let my curiosity get the better of me. Sent a message to somebody on FatPanty reading
hey gorgeous, you seem cool, wanna shag?
Because I always wondered what response one would actually get from that. I mean, let's face it, I've never said that to anybody in my life, and nor has anybody I really know (well, not when I was around they didn't). Plus, the stupidity of the site was just irritating me - I needed something to amuse me. I dunno why I sit around browsing that thing, other than that it makes me feel a whole lot smarter than average, which is nice...

One of the kids staying next door lost a shuttlecock over the fence into our garden. I couldn't find it, so I just gave him one of ours until I do - seemed the nice thing to do. I remember back in the day when Ed and I would kick countless footballs / hit lots of tennis balls over the fence into other peoples' gardens. And how scared we were to go ask for them back, in case they'd accidentally killed somebody en route to the ground or something and we'd be held responsible...

In an exercise in being pathetic, I've got GTA3 on behind me, paused, listening to the radio on it. Chatterbox 109 is so amusing - the whole point of it is just a really funny talk-show thing. Who needs the rest of the game when you've got this?
Okay, thanks for calling, now that we've lost 98% of our audience, let's treat the other 2% to a commercial!
"Remember, only technology makes life worth living", heh... And, randomly, Invader Zim was on TV this morning - rock.. Speaking of which, I just found out that the woman who did the voice of TAK in that show was the main female character in National Lampoon's Dad's Week Off, which was a very funny movie. And she's hot...

Anyhow, back to listening to pretend radio, eating copious amounts of comfort chocolate, and.. uh.. that's about all I do...


The response to "hey gorgeous, you seem cool, wanna shag?" is, apparently, "yeh, how much?"

I replied with: "I'm all yours for just £20 an hour, a bargain in anyone's eyes. Terms and conditions available on request."

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